Frankfort-Elberta Festivities

June 19, 2010 was a big day for Frankfort and Elberta.  Antique Car show and Craft Fair in Frankfort and across the bay, the Elberta Summer Solstice Festival.   Enormous crowds, sunshine, great food, provided by the local restaurants.  See for yourselves…


remember to click on each picture to see all the wrinkles…



Aha!  this is where the crazy dressers got their clothes

on to the beer garden where this year local breweries sold their stuff

Hannah Beale was definitely the highlight of the evening for most of us.

Dinner Al Fresco

Ok so you all know that Ivanka shlepped her family up north to stay with us for a few days.  One night we managed to get together and have a light dinner
out in back of Ivanka’s cottage.

Like I have told you a few days ago, my camera was out of juice that night  so  Ivanka was in charge of taking pictures of our dinner together.

Silly me, I should have known that she would try and get pictures with me in them.   But worry not, there is one picture that is perfect to show off:


In the background you see the famous

and now much bigger

giggle trees

Yes, I know this doesn’t look like dinner, it looks more like snacking around the world or something in that direction.  At first I had made up this menu of salmon patties with a remoulade,  Yukon gold potatoes, and  a fresh salad.

When I thought about it later in the day, I suddenly didn’t feel like slaving over a hot stove after working all day so we just threw together … ahem,
we decided to go casual and empty the fridge.
There were salmon patties after all and that sauce remoulade but no potatoes.  A big hunk of cheese, Ivanka’s home grown tomatoes
and a home made apple pie that a guest had dropped off.
Wine, sangria and sodas all made with cherries. All of that and some rustic
breads from Crescent Bakery in Frankfort

Before dinner, Ivanka and I tried to make that drink that our bachelor Joe
had mixed for us the night before.  We couldn’t replicate it
so I texted Joe for the recipe, heehee.
It is nice to have connections     :mrgreen:

Live at the Wayfarer!

Arcadia Daze

This weekend, the famous Arcadia Daze will take place.
Where ?   Ummmm…in Arcadia 😛
You remember, I wrote about Arcadia down on M-22  in my early blogger days in May.

Arcadia Daze brings visitors from far and wide and much like during the Frankfort Art Fair, people are scrambling to get a room.  Why I don’t raise my prices for special days is a good question.  Everyone else does it.  Anyway, I am always amazed how prospective guests call and quiz me about the prices and ammenities and then they are asking about a specific cottage, all the while I am thinking, “it doesn’t really matter how much the room rents for or what it looks like, you cannot rent ANY room for ANY money this weekend at the Wayfarer”.

I have a big turnover tomorrow and I bet the phone will not stop ringing because hundreds that wanted to participate in Arcadia Daze cannot find a room.
Here is a link to some photos of Arcadia Daze gone by and of the Scottville Clown Band,  just looking at these photos makes me snort my martini – they are a hoot and well worth the trip down to Manistee County!

So remember for next year and try and be here for the fun