The Hammock

For the last 3 or 4 days I have been watching our hammock deteriorate.
Funny –  it hadn’t been abused by anyone that I noticed.

So imagine my surprise when Mike called me to “come outside and take a look at this” and there it was, the answer to the question of what happened to the hammock

Very difficult to see the little varmint…

The date on the video is wrong, of course, I shot it on 10/7/2011 😉


For some reason, I thought that camera batteries never wear out.  I would just put it in it’s little charger and use it over and over again.  Well apparently that isn’t so, grrrrrrr…

Until I find the money for a new battery – I have a savings account but it’s only for my Disney trips 😆   hehe –
You’ll have to look at pictures from last fall.

Going west on River Road

Crystal Lake

The back yard.

I may have already written that somewhere but it bears repeating:  the colors are so much brighter this year.  The oranges, reds and yellows are blazing.

This October has 5 weekends and so many days between those weekends, you should come up to Benzie County and visit 😉
Autumn is the best time of year to visit the many wineries and have a taste of their magic!

Travel Review Woes

I hate it when guests are not happy.  It makes me feel like I have contributed to a less than happy vacation.  Thank goodness, this hasn’t happened, to my knowledge, in the last two years or so.   No matter, I am still upset that some past guests felt so strongly that they posted anonymous, negative reviews on a travel website.

So this morning I was looking for Wayfarer Lodgings reviews online,  to see if there were new ones out there.  There was one and it was a good one.  Thank you very much Robbyn 🙂
I am not going to ask, but it would be nice if some more honest reviews would come our way.

Now I have spilled my proverbial guts and am off to work on my cottages !  Thanks for indulging me. 🙂