The giggle trees

When the  boys were about 3 years old, they started to climb trees.  In particular Marc, who was always up for an adventure.  They really liked the white pines in the back of #9 and that one huge one in the front.  They were easy to climb with their stair like branches.
One day, the guests in cottage 9 were sitting in the kitchen, having coffee, when the trees back there started to shake and giggle.  Pretty soon they saw what created the giggle and shake – it was our boys who were so small, they disappeared in the branches as they climbed to near the top.
Ever since then we’ve called those trees “giggle trees”.

More tree climbing was done not long after that.  One evening we all sat together at the dinner table when Marc said that he tore his new jacket.  We asked him how that happened and he said “bungee jumping”.  “Bungee jumping?”  we said.  Yes, He had climbed up the tall tree in front of the house, brought along the yellow rope from the garage, tied that rope to a loop on his jacket and the other end to the tree and then he jumped 😯
He said his butt hurt as he hit every limb with his little behind on the way down.

Ty was more careful and fooled around with the swing set more, it was safer 😉  One day he played with the rope on the swing set and got his foot caught and was now swinging upside down with one foot in the sling.  I didn’t see it- must have been busy. Andre’ next door was watching the goings on and after a while went out to take a closer look at Ty.  She got his foot out of the sling and rescued him.
At dinner Ty was very upset still and complained that Andre’ came to rescue him. Mama should have helped him, because he was embarrassed, he said.  He cried while hanging there and his tears were running up his forehead and Andre’ saw that.

Thank goodness they have both outgrown the tree climbing.

boys in mower trailer

I don’t have a picture of tree climbing, but I have this one which was their usual hangout while Mike mowed the lawn 🙂

9 thoughts on “The giggle trees

  1. What a great photo to show during their graduation party. The boys have grown up Iris, you know what that means don’t you?

  2. They are still cute…but if only they could stay little…love the hat

  3. I love the “giggle tree”, we should all visit one soon! It keeps us young…..

  4. thebestthingscomeintwos

    Awe! I love this post! I love it so much I decided to give you a blog award on my blog… come check it out!

    Also, what a great photo! I need to start scanning so I can preserve some of the oldies. . .

    • Omgosh, I am going over there to look. Thank you for the award. I am excited….
      p.s. I wish you would link your username/blog name so that I could just click on your name and would end up on your blog 😉

  5. These are precious photos that you are sharing, thank you and I still sumise that you should create a book of these accounts–please and thank you.

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