A ride in a 1954 Jeep

Today was an exciting day for a couple of our smallest guests.  Ted Bahry, a longtime friend, came to visit in his Jeep, and two little boys got the ride of their lives.  Ted is a retired Marine who had extensive work done on this 1954 vehicle and it shows.

See for yourself

a ride in an old jeep @Wayfarer Lodgings

a ride in an old jeep
@Wayfarer Lodgings

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From Chicks to Hens

It’s time that I report on the chickens.  So many guests have checked in these past few weeks who hadn’t been here since the baby chicks arrived at the Wayfarer.

These little, yellow, brown and black little puffballs grew into magnificent pets.

We have
Esmeralda – she looks like a gypsy with a golden necklace
Tootsie – she sports 1 golden toe
Snow White – not as white as one might think
Murgatroyd – she’s the whitest of them all
Mrs. Brown – no description needed
and last but not least:
Grumpy – she’s mostly not too happy

Mike built them a gorgeous coup and run, well, see for yourself…

Sitting on grapevines enjoying some afternoon sun today

Wayfarer chicks swinging

The coop was finished with the help of some [carpenter] guests who helped with the roof pitch design

2014-09-06 14.58.54

Yes, they have a picture window. Not that they make use of it, they only go inside to lay their daily eggs

2014-09-07 15.15.47

Ohh Ohh, and when there are less than 6 eggs some day, Mike always wants to cook one of my chickens.  Does he not realize that they have names????

Wayfarer eggs

The trials and tribulations of innkeeping

wow, looking through some of my blogs from the first year, this one fell into my lap. We have had some fantastic guests this weekend. Everyone that stayed was a regular guest. It’s like having family come to visit…

Adventures of an Innkeeper

I was just skyping with Janice, aka Llama – my buddy from my favorite Disney discussion board. We talked about how she thought that we had an idyllic life but that she would not be able to do my job.  She said that she couldn’t stand the thought of setting up a cottage a certain way and make it perfect in her eyes and then to have someone come and touch things and move them 😯  Here are her exact words:  “I’d be horrible at it – I’d have something set just perfect in a cabin and be mad if someone touched it.”
Weeeeeell, I have news for Janice,  I am that way too but what are ya gonna do about it?  Put on the blinders!  Some guests will completely re-arrange a cabin, others leave a huge mess and then others totally surprise you and the cabins look like…

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a sunset and then some

Some very nice guests of ours have shared their pictures from an outing in Frankfort.

It was a rainy kind of a day, yesterday, and no one could have guessed that, through the evening fog, such a beautiful picture would be possible.

If you click on the pictures, they will magically expand😉

The Frankfort lighthouse

Sunset, Les White

Les White, the photographer, and his other half, Lori, also found their first morel mushrooms, AND, they had them for breakfast.

morels Les White wayfarer lodgings

Trillium season:)

Trillium, Les White

Dutchman’s breeches – beautiful

Dutchman's breeches Les White

And there you have it – another beautiful day on the shores of Lake Michigan and in the woods of north-west lower Michigan.  Good night!

Concert in the Meadow

I believe that I forgot to tell you about a concert in the meadow.

Last summer an older couple spend a week with us.  Before they made their reservations, they asked if Mr. P. would be allowed to practice his bagpipes.
Guess what? “YESSssss, he most certainly can!”, was my answer.

Every evening at sunset, on his weeklong stay, he would march into the meadow and practiced a couple of songs.  Our neighbors on Grace Road, all sitting on their decks, which overlook the Wayfarer, enjoyed and showed their appreciation by applauding – loudly

Bird Nests…

Yesterday, while taking care of our grandson for the day,  I moseyed around the cottages, while the little munchkin rolled around in the gravel, collecting little rocks, and wrestling with sticks in the grass. 2015-05-06 10.43.00

I started to clean out the flower box by The Goldfinch (cottage #2) and almost grabbed a Robin’s nest.

Robin eggs by The Goldfinch

Robin eggs by “The Goldfinch”