Main Street

The other day I went into town – it was positively deserted.  Only one other car besides mine was there

Frankfort. Feb 2013

And then I saw the new brewery going up/ being built between the Furniture Store and the Garden Theater.

Frankfort Feb. 2013
Lots of new and exciting things are going on in Frankfort and Elberta and they all have to do with alcohol, heehee.

Down where the Kilwin’s store and Dinghy’s are, there will be a wine bar.  I don’t have details on either of these two new businesses, but I am planning on doing some sleuthing this coming week

Duck Hunting

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Marc and Braden went on a duck hunting adventure yesterday morning.  They got a duck ( I forgot to take a picture of it) .  It had teeth. Very funny, it reminded me of an angry Daffy Duck, actually.

Around 11 o’clock my phone rang. Marc called to hitch a ride home.  “Where”  did I ask “is Braden with the boat?”   “Oh,” Marc answered, “he is rowing around Betsie Bay in search of a way to get into Elberta”.

I must admit that this did not make any kind of sense to  me.  I left the house and drove to the railroad bridge to give Marc a ride to the house. He wanted to pick up the big, red truck to then be able to tow the boat to where it belonged – Braden’s Uncle’s yard.

Suddenly things were crystal clear: They had rowed the Betsie River  to under the railroad bridge when they ran out of water. Marc in the front of the boat weighed the boat down right into the mud.  So Braden “kicked” Marc out and took the boat all the way down to East Shore Marina and then across towards the Cabbage Shed and into Elberta.

Marc and I stood at the bridge watching young Braden row his duck boat into Betsie Lake and over towards the west side of the lake and up to where we were waiting.  It took quite a while but he made it and he still had a smile on his face.

click on the small pictures to see really large pictures of the adventure 😉

Elberta Beach Lookout

Mike and I had a fun evening out.
The boys are gone for the next two days visiting their girlfriends in Petoskey –
we took the opportunity to sneak out of the Wayfarer,
have a drink somewhere and dinner at the Mayfair Restaurant.
Frankfort was buzzing with summer guests.  The restaurants were full.
We couldn’t get to the bar at Dinghy’s and decided to walk up to the Villa Marine for a cold beer.
After dinner, the obligatory drive to the beach. Since we where in Elberta already, we drove up to the lookout…

There you have it – Beautiful Frankfort-Elberta

Farmer’s Markets

No longer are Wednesdays only the middle of the week; Wednesdays are now market days  here in Benzie County as well. Thanks to
“Grow Benzie”
there will be a third farmer’s market in the Frankfort/Benzonia area.
Grow Benzie is a fairly new local organization. Their reason for being is to educate:

Here is their statement:
Grow Benzie is a community farmstead dedicated to enriching the lives of Benzie County residents by fostering self reliance through education in agriculture, nutrition, job training and life skills.  Our site is a demonstration and training center for sustainable gardening and is a symbol of hope from both our past and our future.  Our focus is on Growing Healthy Children and Communities, bringing people back to our “roots” of self sufficiency and taking care of each other.  We believe in the strength of individuals helping one another by bring the benefits of healthy foods through gardening to our community.”

Farmer’s Markets now in Benzie County: 

Wednesdays on 115 at Grow Benzie

Thursdays in Elberta

Saturday in Frankfort in the Open Space


We will all be eating really fresh and good food.
No more excuses!

America – Happy Birthday!

"Stars and Stripes Forever" (sheet m...

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The Wayfarer is ready, Mike has done so much work to make everything work perfectly and look shiny and beautiful for this special day.  Most of the guests have arrived and are sitting outside, drinks and books in hand, enjoying the breezes off Lake Michigan.

Frankfort and Elberta are ready to celebrate as well.  Everyone is excited to be here, the weather has finally turned sunny and warm = beach weather – Yay!

“Here’s to those who wish us well, all the rest can go to hell.”
I am drinking bubbly!

Happy Birthday, America

Peacock Feathers

We had the distinct pleasure to spend quite a long time with Elberta’s very own peacock yesterday –  he was totally enamored with my sister in law, Corky.   He kept flaunting his tail feathers and strutting around on mom’s deck. Of course, as usual, I didn’t have my camera with me.

Today, Mike took these pictures for me…

remember to click on the pictures at least once to get a larger picture!

He walks all over Elberta, our renters, across from mom’s house blame the poor peacock for the theft of their plant-lings in their little vegetable garden. Personally – I think the bunnies are stealing their veggies.  He is loud, we can hear him all the way at our place some days.  I have thought of kidnapping the bird to re-locate him to the Wayfarer for the amusement of the guests but he will not come over 😦

Back to getting chickens.  I am currently looking for noiseless chickens!

Goodbye Trash!

Today is Trash Day in Elberta.
Mike cleaned some stuff out of the basement.  There is junk down there from when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

There are fun memories in the basement as well.
One really cool thing is a marionette theater that I got from FAO Schwartz’s store on Post Street in San Francisco.
I was friends with one of their sales guys. When they packed up the Post Street store to move to Grant Street
around the corner, he asked me if I wanted it – they no longer needed this thing for their windows.  I wanted it, heehee.
I am a hoarder at heart.

Our stuff from way back has been patiently waiting to be given away or trashed.

I was sad to see these two recliners on the truck.  The boys used them until they could not fit in them any more.

Afternoon shnooze in the only recliners ever to be in this house