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I am sure can understand that I was shocked to see this morning that one of my newly planted flower boxes had fallen down on the job.

I couldn’t believe it and neither could the little Pekin Duck.

Our house carpenter, a.k.a. Mike, is in Alaska until Thursday – the repairs have to wait until he feels up to it next weekend



These are violets, right?  Oh I don’t really care.
All I know is these little beauties make me happy whenever I walk by them.
No, really now, I know what they are. I was just testing 😆

So then the ones above, don’t they look like violets as well?
How come they are not violet in color?
These and their purple-ish sisters are all over the lawn and right in front of cottage 1.

I remember when I was a child, my grandmother always smelled of violets.
She had Pastilles which made her breath smell so sweet

How Victorian of her 🙂

And then there are the Columbine on the north side of the front porch.

Much like violets and  pansies,
all they need is a little crevice and they will bloom with all their might – beautiful

Moonshine? Rumtopf?

Looks like I am getting ready to make some moonshine. But looks can be deceiving.  Marc found these Mason jars somewhere and thought we should start the di”still”ery

I, however, have different plans.  I will make a real “Rumtopf” this year.  Not the mess I produced last season.


Not the leaning Tower of Pisa!

There it is in all it’s glory.

We love this tree.

It has never stopped leaning.

Mike tried, and tried – I didn’t!


See how foggy it was at 9:54?  Well, now at 10:12, it is sunny and bright outside.

There’s another leaning tree

The leaning cherry tree.  It produces exactly 2 cherries every year. Mike always wants to cut it down. Yet I think that it deserves to live. First of all, it does not take any “important”  space away from anyone and second, it has withstood the punishing winds off Lake Michigan. Pushed over by the bully, it keeps producing a crop, so to speak.

Everybody – have a great day!  I am going to work on cottages 🙂