The Stairs at the End of the Road

Finally, the stairs at the end of Grace Road are being built.  It’s going to be a long and drawn out process because it’s all done by volunteers after they come home from work.

Some of our guests aren’t all that fired up about this project; they fear too many people will utilize them and fill up the beach.  I have great doubts about that. It’s a huge beach so wide and 13 or so miles long.  It won’t be crowded, big promise.

The work started this morning at 9 am

Max came to greet me…

Lake Michigan is so blue this morning

Oh to be able to walk down a long flight of stairs instead of having to climb the dune – heaven.

By the time most of you get here this summer, the stairs will be ready for you.  This is one of the most exciting things yet.

The Mosaic Studio

I have some incredibly talented friends.

I think the studio came together because the girls needed an excuse to drink bubbly on a fairly regular basis.
Not only can they now enjoy fancy-schmancy sparkling wines from L. Mawby or M. Lawrence but while they enjoy a bottle of ‘Wet‘,  they put together some incredible works of art.  Their treasures are going to be sold in August at the Frankfort Art Fair!
Mark your calendars for the weekend of August 17-19, 2012.

One of a kind pieces – it will be so difficult to choose just one item.  See for yourselves

Birdhouses, tool boxes, flower pots, step stones …

Gazing balls are among the favorites

An unfinished bowling gazing ball.  Once that grout goes on it will look amazing.

As time went on, the patterns became more elaborate and more sophisticated

Mariah, founder of the studio and owner of Hulls of Frankfort,  working on a guitar

One of my favorites – the guitar.

Partner in crime, Joanne Bartley, Executive Director of the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce

So now you know what to look for when you come to the Art Fair  🙂

What do I do at the studio?   I have a glass of bubbly, chat, admire the works and go home. I cannot sit there, cut glass or china and glue it onto something; I don’t have the patience.

And they say that alcohol is bad for ya…

Easter Sunday in Benzie County

It was a nice, a very nice day in Benzie County.   I lollygagged in my comfy bed until the sun made me get up and of course the hooting and hollering downstairs.  The night before I had hidden the usual Easter eggs – the boys expect it and I do it.  So there was the big Easter egg hunt going on.

We spend most of the day at Mike’s mom’s house with his sisters and their kids.  And then, on my way home, I went out of my way to get some pictures for you.

See, it is quiet still. Not many guests here yet; a lot of locals are still on vacation as well. The weather is and has been positively spectacular in the last few weeks.  If this is a sign of things to come this summer…

The beach is in sight

Looking left toward the Elberta dunes. I never tire of these views.

Some fishing going on around the Frankfort Lighthouse

One lonely fishing boat in the harbor heading out

Then I drove to the Elberta look-out

Two adventurers strolling along the Elberta pier.

And the last picture is of Betsie Lake

I hope everyone had a peaceful and  Happy Easter…

Chicken Pot Pie

Homemade curry chicken pot pies.

Homemade curry chicken pot pies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The deconstructed kind is what we are cooking today…

I futzed around the kitchen all day long.  First I made the crust – a very simple Pâte Brisée and put it in the fridge.
Then I cut the vegetables then I cooked the chicken with celeriac, carrots, onion, parsley, water and white wine.
So now everything was ready to go in a dish to make a pot pie but I was too lazy to do that.

I rolled out the dough, took a Daisy shaped cookie cutter and cut out individual crusts and baked them.

The par-steamed vegetables before I put them under the broiler.
I brushed them with a little butter and sprinkled them with some kosher salt.

Et voila ….

Yup, I see that the colors didn’t come out right in the picture but trust me,
it looked beautiful and tasted fantastic with a little lemon and some Worcestershire Sauce sprinkled over it.

In the end it turned out to be just as much work as making the pot pie the usual way 😆