paper or plastic?

I shop.  I shop for food. Every day. I shop a lot!
Since it has become fashionable – in America – not to use the bags from the grocery store any more,
I am happy to use bags that I bring from home.
Most everyone has a basket for their grocery shopping in Germany, so this was nothing new to me.

I still have my basket. These days we use it to carry around the finishing touches that are needed in the cottages.
Oh, you know the creamer, sugar and coffee and some soaps and shampoos that are needed in the bathrooms.
It was extremely expensive when I bought it the year Mike and I were married and very heavy. The basket has been through 3 moves.
1 across the Atlantic, and 2 across the U.S. and there is still absolutely nothing wrong with it.  The only problem I have right now is  –
I cannot locate it.  I must have left it in a cottage last November, when we closed.

Without further delay, here are the bags I am using at the moment.   I love them and I am always on the look out for new designs, that are not like the ones that the grocery store sells

1. the bag from World Market.  It is woven of cotton – I have 5 of these.

2.  the bags from Barnes & Noble.  We shop there a lot for books.  I have 2 of these.  I really like the design, can you see the books?

3.  The Mickey head tree bag from Ivanka. There is one checker at Glen’s who always comments on that one.

4. the  new Mickey head bag bought at World of Disney in N.Y. by Kirby

And last but not least, the bag that you have already seen.  I love this bag!

A fashion statement!

The Barber Shop

Elberta’s barber shop –

I see the inside of it allllllllll the time.  I am there because Marc needs his hair cut every 2 weeks and then Ty, occasionally, needs a haircut as well.

This is Joel, he took over for Phil who likes to go hunting and fishing and that’s exactly what he does with all his time now.
The boys have been going to this place since they were 2 years old and I always loved the interaction between the much older Phil and them. Marc always wanted a Mohawk and Phil wouldn’t give it to him because he was afraid of mother’s wrath.

Well now Joel will let him have what he wants…

I hate it but there isn’t much I can do about that now, is there? – the boy is 16!

Here he’s giving me that “na-na-na-na-naaaaa-na” look

I took some pictures out of the windows.  Betsie Bay is not really frozen any more.

Ice floes – everywhere you look.  Polar bears would love it here!

And then I went home and found these great new re-usable shopping bags with my latest Disney obsession:

Alice in Wonderland

An acquaintance from New York City went to the World of Disney store for me and sent them to me.  How very sweet.

All together I own 4 bags from Disney now.  My friend Ivanka sent me one a long time ago.  I can see that I need to devote a whole blog to my shopping habits :mrgreen:
I have the shnazziest shopping bags in town.

Shiver shopping continued

I left you yesterday after shopping for rustic rolls at the Crescent Bakery.

Next I went across the street and into Olsen-Sayles to see what was new there.  There was, though not new, Tina.  She was all alone in there and the place was teeming with shoppers


Wow, they had a lot of good stuff on sale.  Except I forgot to get some.

And now on to a store that opened last summer and this was the first time I had ever had time to go in and introduce myself to the owner Greta Bolger.

This is a great store with some really beautiful clothing and art works form Guatemala.  So, without further ado, here are some photos of her merchandise.



Greta is a photographer as well

Everything in this store is so colorful and happy.  I had to buy a duffel bag for Ty.  We had seen it in the window a few weeks ago and he really liked it.  I should have gotten one for Marc as well but, there was only this one left (sorry no picture)


The store’s name?

Maxwell’s on Main

And then I went back home only to find a glass of juice with mold on top in my sink. Not exactly something to boast about, but this one fits my artsy fartsy mood today, so I am going to share this picture with you…

Produced under the pool table in the man cave.  Guess who had to spend most of their Sunday morning cleaning up in there, muahahahaaaa

Trailers and sleds and snow – oh my

So, the parking lot by the public boat launch in Frankfort has not seen
such traffic since late fall. There were trailers and vehicles EVERYWHERE.

I don’t believe that I have ever seen so many “sleds” as I have today.



Get ready, set, GO!!

Round and round and round they go and jump so high into the air 😮

But enough of this and on to some real fun – shoppppppppiiiing!

The stores were full with shoppers and the restaurants were standing room only for a while.

The first window that caught my eye was that of Classens shoe store.
Much like the cartoon like windows of Pam Dow’s store “It’s the Berries”,
Classens had these cartooney over-sized cutouts of shoes and bags in the window.


just look at these, aren’t they fun?

Next was Mariah’s store – Hull’s of Frankfort


Then across the street and into the Crescent Bakery.
The one that was used in one of the scenes in the movie ‘Youth in Revolt’.

And there is Fran, filling a bag full with their ‘rustic rolls’, yummmmmmm

And that’s it for tonight. I will tell you about a new store tomorrow.

Rush Hour

There were quite a few tracks in our front yard this morning.
It seems the animals have a rush hour of their own…




I just had to add this photo this morning because the traffic here is new since yesterday.

This must have been either breakfast this morning or dinner last night.  Deer nibbling up the crab apple tree as far as they could…

Now that’s a sunrise!

Ok so it was time to take the boys to school this morning, picking up other boys along the way.

As we made our way around the corner by the old ‘Mix’s Service’ and across Betsie Bay, we spotted…..I spotted the most beautiful sunrise.
Of course with all the snow on the side of the roads, it is difficult to just pull over and take pictures. After all 15 minutes before school starts is totally rush hour here in the area 🙂

I asked Marc to do it for me and he just looked at me like I was nuts.  <—–  Don’t comment on that, heehee.

So, no pictures of that, but coming home I turned right onto 668- the shortest highway in Michigan- and drove to Elberta’s Waterfront Park.  There I could take some pics.  Nothing as spectacular as what I saw earlier, still nice though.



The clouds were pretty cool too.

Then I drove out of the park and home again.  I thought the ramshackle cottages on that road looked nice in that light this morning as well, so I took these pics to let you see :mrgreen:  It seems to me like some of them have had a little work done.

Don’t you just love the one in the foreground?  It reminds me of that house on Grace Road.


Have a good day everyone 🙂

Shiver by the River, people

The 2nd. annual

‘Shiver by the River’

takes place this weekend.
Last week,
the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce
held a silent auction to benefit this event.

There were some beautiful original photographs of the area and original paintings.
The one of the red zinnia is mine now :mrgreen:
And I believe that I also got a photo in a frame.  All of these things will be hung
on cottage walls come April 12 or a little before then.
The Wayfarer will re-open on April 12th.

Last year it was a little scary when suddenly there was not enough snow and the little snow that we had,
had started to melt and it was dirty. A lot of people with ploughs on their trucks
and the worker of the City of Frankfort scraped together
all the snow they could find.
In the end, it all worked out, the snow cross was a success for everyone.


It has been snowing for the last two days and we have a good amount of snow, I think.

The motels in the area are open,  come and have a fun weekend.
Stay where ever you want to, but promise to come back and stay at the Wayfarer, ok?!