The Mrs. Doubtfire Incident

I am sure that most of you remember the Robin Williams movie Mrs. Doubtfire…

Yesterday I cleaned the kitchen in cottage 4 when suddenly something smelled funny and a heat wave came over me.

I was on fire!!!

I had inadvertently turned on one of the burners on the stove with one of my body parts. I won’t say which one, too weird :mrgreen:

I was on fire

Happy weekend all.
The Wayfarer is full with nice people.  Has been for the last 6 weeks.
We have the huge August Art Fair happening tomorrow.
Mike and I took a look around this evening and then ended up at the Coho Cafe for dinner.
It was wonderful, as usual.

Soaring over Frankfort

An LS4 glider crossing the finish line of a co...

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We often see the glider planes soaring above our place.  So pretty to watch one plane pull the other to soaring height and then unhook the cable and let it gooooo. When I drive under the archway on M-115 when the pull plane first takes off,  I automatically duck because they are so low to the ground still, I am afraid they’ll hit my car.

I happen to drive by the Frankfort airport last Sunday, when I saw a whole lot of people and planes.  I drove in  to see because I am nosy that way :mrgreen:
A bunch of people from the North West Soaring Club were there, as well as passengers.
I am afraid of heights; the first rung of a ladder is about as high up as I’ll go, so this adventure is out of the question for me but you all can partake in this extraordinary trip.

Yikes the sun was so bright that day, the picachures are all washed out.  But you can maybe see how that little glider bounces along the runway and then finally takes off here:   Glider taking off

Check out their website North West Soaring Club You can make arrangements to take flight by calling 231.352.9160


John and his family brought us a whole bushel of home grown vegetables all the way from down state.  So very nice of them.

What a thrill.

I shared with all my  Martha Stewart wannabee friends  :mrgreen:
Omgosh, there were more tomatoes and peppers than you can see here.  After I unpacked the basket, my entire kitchen table was laden with these gorgeous treasures.


It just doesn’t end this season, one cute guest after another…
Take for instance Poindexter.  He’s a new guest but his partner Bill has stayed with us periodically since 1995.



Poindexter with his buddy Bill.  Bill was one of our very first guests when we bought the Wayfarer.  He looked different back then with long, flowing hair and a floppy hat, his girls were kids still…

If I could have, I would have kept him here.
No, not Bill. Poindexter. I would have kept Poindexter!

It is obvious, we need a little mascot here.  I am going to the animal shelter sometime soon to find a nice, little pooch.

Jimmy, the new man in my life!

I am thinking that Mike better watch out…










He brought me flowers EVERY day that he was here this year.   And with the cutest giggle,  he accepted a Thank – You – Hug every day.
Jimmy’s parents have come to stay at the Wayfarer long before he or his older brothers were born.

Jimmy and his brothers are some of the most enjoyable of our young guests we have.  They play so nice and peaceful together.
No unnecessary noise, just nice and peaceful.

Johnny in the hammock and Joey posing for this picture

Joey, the oldest of the brothers

Johnny “in the middle”

Now that I think about it, most of our younger guests were quite enjoyable this season.

Pictures from Up North

Robbyn and her husband Craig left here yesterday and today she  emailed some really great pictures. I want to share them with you:

This was taken where the Platte River  meets Lake Michigan

The chairs in front of cottage 2 –
(Joe the bachelor’s favorite spot in the morning)

Looking down the front row…

Looking out the bathroom window in #2 🙂

Robbyn and Craig 🙂

Looking out on the front lawn

beach towels

no commentary needed here…