Putting in a garden…

…is hard work and Mike hasn’t done it in a number of years.  It seems he got “the bug” again after our gardening experience of last year

This new garden is a big one.  See for yourself what he has worked on all weekend. Watch the video

It’s long and it’s L-shaped. Katie can put in the 365 or so basil plants that we need to get all the pesto she can make.  Mike didn’t just work though, we had some nice guests, the usual crowd actually and therefore we had the first cocktails and Friday Night Fish Fry at the Villa Marine Restaurant with the Wayfarer Bachelor

This was the view from the deck at the Villa Marine Restaurant Friday night.  That’s Elberta across the bay.
More and more boats are arriving each day!

Canadians flying north and looking down on our dinner plates, hehe

Ok, that’s how Memorial Day Weekend started and it ended today with Martin, from Canada, sitting outside with my 3 men shooting the breeze.

We had a great weekend with great guests. Yahoo, let the summer begin.

How to install a sink

One day this spring when Lee, Roxie and I came back from lunch and shopping in Traverse City, we decided to stop at the Crystal Lake Emporium up there on 115 near Benzonia.  Right away she spotted the sink  – I bought it and took it home.  There it laid by the garage – until yesterday when Mike came up with the perfect way to install it in front of cottage 1

(remember to click on each picture to get the best view)

There is even soap in the soap dish

Wayfarer Lodgings soap, see?

ummm, I suppose when it rains, there will be suds?  Maybe I should replace the soap with a rock…

No, it’s not exactly a lesson on sink installations, it is the story of an antique sink that Lee found and I bought, which had to be installed just right :
Mike had Ty dig 2 holes, attached the sink to some posts, dug them 3 feet into the ground et voila…a sink is installed and it doesn’t touch the garage wall 😉

Ham and Eggs

Oh today was a fun day.  All the guests were here and taken care of, Mike and I felt we could leave the Wayfarer for a few hours.

We drove around the neighborhoods to see the many, many garage sales.  We ended up going to Putney’s to get some more plants for a project which I will show you tomorrow. On the way to Putney’s, we stopped at the farm of one of Mike’s clients right on Glovers Lake Road.  They sell eggs and we love buying eggs :mrgreen:

We got a tour through the place and I took pictures:

We met Darla the bloodhound.  Oh she loved seeing us and got all excited but as soon as I got “too close” to the big momma pig and the little ones, she wasn’t so happy anymore.

Do yourself a favor on click on each picture at least once.  You’ll really see the details then!

Born on Mother’s Day, these little things were too cute for words

more piglets 🙂

These little piglets were born 2 days ago.  This sow had 11 little pigs 😯

Chickens – I know now that, yes, they do stink. Peewwwww. But the eggs are sooooo good
At first they were all outside. As soon as I pulled out the camera, they disappeared and I had to hunt them down and take the picture through a hole in the screen.

Some of the biggest tires I have ever seen.

Mules!  wow they were pretty.  I talked with them for a few minutes and they agreed, it was interesting to meet each other, hehe

We don’t know what kind these dogs were. Something Australian…

The duck pond

And eggs :mrgreen:

I had a great day, don’t you think?

The House in the Dunes

We met Kathy and Jan the first year we owned the Wayfarer.  They were staying with us whenever they came to look at their property and later while building their new home up in the dunes above Lake Michigan.   I remember in the beginning they brought lawn chairs and put them where they imagined their deck would be.  Well now they have their deck high above the Lake…

Coming up to the catwalk bridging the gorge

The location is so fantastic.  Sitting in that dining room after the sun goes down, watching the freighters going by on the horizon. Magical.

See the Frankfort Lighthouse down there?

Our very good friends Jan and Kathy 🙂

He’s baaaack

Yes, the peacock is back and he’s taken up residence at Dorothy’s house in Elberta:

Dorothy called me the other day to tell me the peacock was now sitting on the roof of her house.  I drove by about an hour after she called and he was still there…

I want that bird on my property – a nice substitute for chickens!!  muahahahahaaaaa

Kilwins is open!

I walked by Kilwin’s on Main Street in Frankfort today, expecting to see Gayle Rice doing her thing in this amazing chocolate store. Instead I saw an old friend behind the marble slab preparing  rice crispy treats.  There was Corey, home from school, taking over his duties as he did for the last 8 seasons.  Corey is the son of one of our neighbors.

We first met Corey when he was maybe 4 or 5 years old.  We found him and his brother Zach playing with our boys in the back forty.  They were our 2-year-old boys’ first friends.

yummm, Kilwin’s chocolate covered orange rinds and fudge and truffles and chocolate covered pretzels and, and, and…ice cream!