It was a happy Friday

Today – more shopping  and more food in Traverse City with Lee and Roxie.

First I’ll tell you that I bought two beautiful chairs
at that resale store we visited last Monday

(the house is coming together. I still need to get covers for the outlets,
bury the internet cable and get a huge rug, but it’s coming along just fine)

And then I’ll tell you about a really good restaurant.

As you have figured out by now, I am one of those “foodies”.   Lee suggested that we try out a relatively new restaurant in T.C’s old town.
Phil’s on Front

Oh my goodness, it was good. It was very good indeed.

Here are pics – not of food but of us :mrgreen:

heehee, this one is great. Lee and Roxie and at the table behind us is Sue. We didn’t know each other.
She was there 1 week too early to have lunch with friends. She kept posing along and I caught her.
When she found out that she was early we invited her to sit with us but she decided to leave.
What a hoot. Sue, if you read this, please comment 🙂

Richard!  Maitre D. (Roxie loved him, heehee)

I also need to introduce you to Elvis’ daughter or grand-daughter, here she is

Theresa (one of the servers)

Here is Phil on the right.

On our way to the car, Lee insisted that I take a picture of the guys working on this exciting, new construction.
Construction Guy 🙂


Doesn’t this look like the dark side of the moon?

Mike pointed it out the other night and I think he has a point –

Dimples, errrrr…..craters in the snow are all over the front yard

And today it looks like we might be living in Siberia.

Brrrr….it is cold and blustery today 🙂

The swing set is lonely and waiting for some little ones to get abused by

Behind the house and down the drive way, it’s a sea of ice.
It is getting pretty difficult to walk to the cars or get the mail.

And that, everybody, is the weather report for the Wayfarer on this day in history.

Have a lovely day :mrgreen:

Used Furniture and Lunch

So, Lee and I decided to go to Traverse City today to shop for furniture and accessories for my house and to meet Christine from the Tackle Box for Lunch at Amical on Front Street.

We had a great time, found some really great pillows and other little items at
Pier One and then went to meet with Christine.

Christine and Lee – super models !

Ok, cheers this is the continued celebration of  my birthday.
As if we needed a reason to have a glass of wine for lunch

“This is how I hide my extra skin, Lee”…
Isn’t that a silly picture.  Leave it to Christine to snap that one, heehee

And now for dessert

A most delicious Peach-Cranberry Tart

mmmmmm, Raspberry Crème Brûlée

“Goodbye Christine, this was great fun and we should do it more often!” –
and now on to finding a couple of comfortable couches for the Library/TV room

How about this one?  I love it.

…this one is great too.
Everything looks like it’s new and it’s priced that way too.
I have to go home and seriously think about this.

Lee really likes it 🙂