So I grabbed my bumbershoot…

…  and went into town.  Before it started to rain it was very pleasant – we awoke to 54 degrees and sunshine.  Now this rain.  Grrrrr…..spring!
Nothing happening today.  Tomorrow, however,  I am going to get some really awsome pictures from Kathy to post for all of you.  I am excited about that. Wait until you see.

To tide you over until then, here is someting from the old archives

Photos by Mike Shiedeler, a.k.a. Mustang Mike, a.k.a. “The guest in #8”

sunset in Frankfort
Sunset in Frankfort late summer 2008


Elberta Dunes late summer 2008

I did nothing today, I think

I had a lot of things planned for today. Nothing urbane nor the least bit interesting – some cleaning, some laundry, dealing with the laundry man, picking up after the boys, clean the kitchen, thinking about what to write next in this blog and going to the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce After Hours at the Betsie Bay Inn.  I got only very few things done.

The laundry man came, while I was still in the shower. He waited and waited…I told him not to be here before 8:30 but he won’t listen. So he has to wait a little. Then I folded a bit of laundry, then I hauled some more washed and dried laundry into the kitchen and onto the kitchen table. The idea being that I would fold that as well. That was before 10 am.  Jan and Kathy came to visit after a few months down yonder in the sun and to have coffee.  I then did something I can’t even remember and at 2 pm I went to shop for dinner and to go to the bank.

at 2:41 pmat 2:41 pm

It was 46 degrees and very nice and sunnyIt was 46 degrees and very nice and sunny

in Frankfortin Frankfort

I could go on and on and you would be so bored.
At 5:30 pm I went into town to do the Chamber thing, which was so much fun, again. They drew my business card and I won stuff from Hulls
I love winning stuff from Hulls because it usually includes some of their incredibly cute socks

a pair of cool socksa pair of cool socks

this cute little braceletthis cute little bracelet

and this ball filled with lip balm, SPF 20 - Mariah tells me :)and this ball filled with lip balm, SPF 20 – Mariah tells me 🙂

There were lots of nice, fun people at the cocktail hourLeslie, from ScottlandLeslie, she is from Scotland and plays euchre with us sometimes

Arlene from Olsen_Sayles, that gift shop on Main StreetArlene from Olsen-Sayles, the gift shop on Main Street

Katie!Katie! and Mindy being silly (she’s going to kill me for posting this) and Joanne from the Chamber of Commerce
looks like turquoise was the color of choice today.

The MitchmateThe Mitchmate – this “barge” is so big, it has an amphibious car on top of it. I drove home along the waterfront rather than Main Street, it’s more fun.

House on Main StreetAn interesting cottage on Main Street.
I took that from the parallel street down by the water.  See Mike’s red truck?


Lots of good things are going on at our Garden Theater


Then I went home and cooked dinner.

Anyway, the laundry stayed on the kitchen table until after I was done cooking dinner.  Then I moved it back into the dryer so that we could eat in the kitchen.  Now I don’t feel like doing it. I will try again tomorrow.

The End 😉

Yahooooo or Yeeehaaawww…

We have a winner!
A lucky someone won the batch of
Frankfort’s finest cookies
in my latest giveaway.

errr....I know I was a little late. I got so engrossed in Hillary Swanks biography on the Bravo channel and then I got a hold of the remote control and channel surfed here and there and suddenly I was late. I am never late. I am sorry

errr....I know I was a little late. I got so engrossed in Hillary Swanks biography on the Bravo channel and then I got a hold of the remote control and channel surfed here and there and suddenly... I was late. I am never late. I am sorry 😳

Here is how we found you.  First I went to look for Mike’s hat

the hat

I turned it upside down and threw all the little slips with everyones names in it and then Mike pulled the winner.

names in the hat

One slip says “Hula Hootch”  that’s my friend Michele from Luisiana.  Just in case you were wondering what that was all about. She’s the one that voted to add mint to the garden.

the winner

What does that say?  I can’t see.


Couldn’t have happen to a nicer man.  Congratulations.

Please don’t do what Holly U. did  and hide the cookies from the family 😉

A very big ‘Thank you’ to everyone who participated.  I am hoping to get this kitchen garden off the ground or in the ground this year.  Someone is repairing our rototiller and a few of my friends are eager to get started.  We are looking to get a tiny green house from Baver Herbs, who sadly went out of business last year. This green house is about the size of the smallest cottage here.  Does that not sound too cute? Wish us luck.

Dear Mr. C. (from Indiana) –  Martha Stewart calls it a kitchen garden.  I want to be Martha, alas, I’ll never make it.

I’d like to think that we will incoporate every single one of your suggestions 🙂

Last Night,

Mike and I went to an annual event at a resort down the road from us.

The Spring Fling

The Invitation

The Invitation

It is held each spring to benefit our local students, kindergarten through 12th grade.  We have about 500 students in elementary and high school combined. This is always an evening we look forward to.  We get to see people we only see at benefits, our paths don’t cross very often during the year. Great fun and some really wonderful auction items to sink our teeth into. And that we did.
We bought a golf outing at Crystal Downs at the request of 3 of our guests who come every September on their “Northern Michigan Golf Extravaganza”.  We get it for them every year.


For myself I got some really shnazzy gardening shears, 3 of them, and a gardening knife.  A beautiful set from Crystal Gardens

Garden shears

And then I hovered over this one item (the landscape package) that I desperately wanted and I got lucky.  The only problem was that I had to bid against a friend. Forgive me Arah Johnson.

I needed this prize more than you do, heehee. Besides, you have a DVC and I am still dreaming of owning one 😆

gift certificate1

Ok so here is this certificate for a half a flat of native plants, I got that too.
and then there’s the fertilizing package I bought and don’t even remember putting my bid number on.

fertilizer cert.

Mike was not happy about the lawn fertilizer thing. It means he or Pudd or Marc  has to mow more. I do not have to mow more. I do not mow. I do everything else 😉

And here is the coveted landscape design certificate. YahooooAnd here is the coveted landscape design certificate. Yahoooo

Amidst all that fun and spending of money, we missed 2 of our very favorite guests.  A really sweet couple, Beth and Rusty, from down state who spend a lot of time with us here at the Wayfarer . They had decided, nilly willy, to come up to Frankfort for Dinner at Dinghy’s and maybe, if we had room, spend the night, rather than driving home.  They emailed and called and even came here, but we never connected until this morning. We will see them in June.

And I will talk at you tomorrow.

How quickly things change

just walking around taking pictures in the warm sun

Walking around taking pictures in the warm sun

just one of the 3 birdhauses left hanging on the dead peach treeOne of the 3 birdhauses left hanging on the dead peach tree and a couple of cherries.  Can you see them?

cherries on the old peach treeCherries on the old peach tree

Imagine sitting in this chair, book in hand and drink on the side. Ahhhh...Imagine sitting in this chair, book in hand and drink on the side. Ahhhh…

That was yesterday.


This is today.

Today Frankfort and Elberta woke up to grey sky, dark clouds and thunder rolling through the area.  The lights flickered a few times but they never went out. It started to rain really hard around 9 am,  now at 1PM  it has let up a bit.

I went to breakfast down at the Lighthouse Cafe in Elberta’s downtown,  with my buddies from the Jackass Club.  It was one of our infrequent meetings to tell our stories of dumb things we did to justify our membership in said club.  Lee, of Roger and Lee, and a new member, JudyLee, of Roger and Lee, and Judy

Roxy or is that Roxie?Roxy or is that Roxie? with Katie’s arm

There was Katie as well but since she just came from a work out, I didn't take a picture of her, just her ellbow or hand or just her sweater while I took a picture of her food. All of them had that dish, they like it. I know that because they order it every time, I opted for toast. Since Katie had come from a work out directly to the restaurant, I didn’t take a picture of her. She’s pretty no matter when you see her, but she likes her picture taken when she has had a chance to put on her photo-face. You can see that she was present though, her sleeve is in Roxie’s picture 😉  All of them had that dish – they like it. I know that because they order it every time, I opted for toast.

Toast :)Toast 🙂

And after I got home, the rain had let up a little.  I went outside to take a picture of the daffodils that are finally showing their little heads.  So pretty.



That’s it for today.

Oh, just a reminder to go to the ‘contest and such‘ page and give me your ideas for something to grow in the new vegetable garden.  Remember, your name could be pulled out of the hat for a box of my cookies. You can only win if you enter!  Same as the lottery 😆

Fooffooffnick & Co.

You know what’s great? Today the phone is ringing off the hook.  That is great.
A lot of those calls are from people making reservations.  I call those people guests.  But then there are those “Hi, my name is Jason, I am with Fooffoffnick and Co.  and would like to speak to the person that makes decisions” phone calls…blah!
So now you want to know how I came up with that fictional company name, huh? Well this is how I did it.

Once upon a time, I knew this nice old, old man [Ed] who owned a small liquor store in downtown San Francisco (hole in the wall, really) in the middle of the block on Kearny Street, right between Post- and Sutter Streets.  What a crazy place that was.  Everybody would meet there all day long.  First he strictly sold liquor, then  he had added a few bar stools and a counter and offered coffee and doughnuts;  and by the time I blew into town in 1982,  he had a short order cook in there cooking egg McMuffin type things and other breakfast items on a tiny little stove with 2 burners and some old mangled up pots. Then he added sandwiches for the lunch crowd.  That crowd consisted of EVERYBODY from the beat cops, to the bankers, to the people from the TV station and ‘Good Morning San Francisco’, to Mamie Van Doren, when she was in town…
I tell you EVERYBODY including me.  I worked around the corner on Post Street.  So much fun. Ed was in his mid 70s when I first met him in 1982.  He could not remember most people’s names, so he called everyone Mr. or Mrs. Fooffooffnick. Errrr….what I really came here to say was, this is a good day, business wise and weather wise.  I am not going to clean any more cottages, I will be here waiting for the phone to ring some more 😉