It’s been too long

Today, a new guest told me that he loves reading this blog.  I told him that since I rarely left the property, I didn’t feel I had anything more to contribute.  But for all of you who are not following us on facebook,  I could tell you about happenings in the area and news from the Wayfarer anyway. Let me know in the comments if you are interested in anything in particular.

Starting today, I will continue and see where that takes me.

I found and posted a picture of an oil painting of a stretch of M-22 around Crystal Lake, by David Westerfield  to our facebook page. You should see it too

David Westerfield painting

Fun weather

Yesterday the weather was spectacular.

It wasn’t too cold, the sun was shining off and on, it snowed and the wind blew snow every which way.
Swirls of snow across the bay made me stop and take pictures.
I don’t think I did a very good job though.   Another interesting thing was seeing all the shanties already in the bay,
plopped down on what looked like they were floating on small shards of ice in the water

Looking from the Library across the bay and towards the Betsie River

This is the view from Main Street towards the Library and left across the bay to Elberta and
as you can see, they are already pushing the snow in place for the snowmobile races for
Shiver by the River
taking place in February

The next three pictures were taken from the Elberta side of the bay,  aprox. 20 seconds apart.


Cool huh?

This last picture is taken alongside Furnace Ave. in Elberta,
looking toward M-22 – across Betsie Bay

Arcadia Daze

This weekend, the famous Arcadia Daze will take place.
Where ?   Ummmm…in Arcadia 😛
You remember, I wrote about Arcadia down on M-22  in my early blogger days in May.

Arcadia Daze brings visitors from far and wide and much like during the Frankfort Art Fair, people are scrambling to get a room.  Why I don’t raise my prices for special days is a good question.  Everyone else does it.  Anyway, I am always amazed how prospective guests call and quiz me about the prices and ammenities and then they are asking about a specific cottage, all the while I am thinking, “it doesn’t really matter how much the room rents for or what it looks like, you cannot rent ANY room for ANY money this weekend at the Wayfarer”.

I have a big turnover tomorrow and I bet the phone will not stop ringing because hundreds that wanted to participate in Arcadia Daze cannot find a room.
Here is a link to some photos of Arcadia Daze gone by and of the Scottville Clown Band,  just looking at these photos makes me snort my martini – they are a hoot and well worth the trip down to Manistee County!

So remember for next year and try and be here for the fun

Big things are happening today…

Mike is taking out the bushes in front of the house – as per LuAnn’s suggestion.

We gave that suggestion the tiniest bit of thought and had to agree with her. When you live in your house, at least that’s true for me, you begin not to see flaws.  Like that patched hole in my kitchen ceiling that has been there for the last 10 years.  I just don’t look up that much.
I have noticed that when I drive home coming up M-22, I can no longer see our house the way we saw it when we came up that way for the very first time in July of 1994.  The trees surrounding the house were about half as tall as they are now and the bushes didn’t take over the front porch then.

So, without further ado,  the bushes are coming out. NOW 🙂

Martin G.This is Martin G. from Canada –

Martin is one of our all time favorite guests and one of our very first guests in 1995. He is here and he is totally excited (I think) about the prospect of having something to do besides waiting for the wind to blow in the right direction so that he can go up and hanglide. He wants to help Mike and he is prepared with some heavy duty gloves.

Ready, set...Ready, set…

not so fast, something needs adjusting firstnot so fast, something needs adjusting first

The house before...The house before…

almost donealmost done


speeding ahead – tadaaaaa

The boys have already started the painting process

So now let’s see what I should plant there.  This is the east facing side, which means that there is only a tiny bit of morning sun.  I think I’ll leave it alone and look at it for a while to see what should happen there.

Heh, I almost forgot, I have that certificate for 10 hours of consultation, remember that from the auction for school?