Frankfort’s Hollyberry Fair

Every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving the
Frankfort Chamber of Commerce puts on

The Hollyberry Fair.

Since the weather is usually not very good, they hold it indoors
at the high school.
It is an arts and crafts fair with some surprising stuff for sale.
Some stuff is surprisingly good and some stuff is suprisingly… know!

Last year we discovered a new company from the Manistee area that makes and sells wine jellies.
You know, the kind of jelly one would pour over a
nice piece of cheese and then serve to friends in the backyard.

Today is THE day ūüôā

We met for a breakfast Mimosa at LuAnn’s, then we were off to the school.

We found lots of familiar crafters and some new ones

Oh look at this lady wearing the interesting hat!
This was a fun booth.
“Those 2 Girls”
had some shnazzy hats and scarfs.  Really cool.
I had to buy a scarf and blew my entire budget for the day right there at the first booth we stopped by.

That’s my scarf below – beautiful ūüôā

Hey! She’s having a great time modeling hats and scarfs ūüôā

It was a busy place.



A whole table full of huge Petoskey stone stuff

Smelly things

Hand-blown Christmas baubles


Button posies


Chamber Director Joanne
who bought a cupcake for her very young daughter who only wanted to eat the icing, heehee ¬†ūüôā


A raffle for a quilt to benefit the
Crystal Lake Art Center
which is moving into the old Coast Guard Station off Main Street.
They need plenty of money.


And that was our day.


While we were gone to WDW,  Cindy painted our living room.
The color doesn’t really look right though and much as I don’t want to do away with her work
(a great paint job), the paint needs to change.
To what I don’t know yet. ¬†I asked LuAnn to come and look and she was stumped.
She suggested to get Lee to see what to do with it and Lee changed the entire room around.
Something I never thought of because I am basically too lazy to move and clean behind big pieces of furniture.
Anyway,  the room looks so different and fantastic but the color needs to be changed next week, no matter what.


Before I forget to tell you all that it snowed a little yesterday afternoon I will tell you that it snowed yesterday.
It isn’t cold yet and there was more moisture than ice in the air –
the snow didn’t stick around long enough for me to take pictures of.

Back from our trip

We made it back safely from our trip and while we were gone, boys went to play football up north. Not a successful game but there is always next year.

We had a great time while the boys’ grandma Dorothy moved in with them. ¬†They complained loudly about not wanting her to fix spaghetti too many times so I thought I had better make things easy on Dorothy and fill the freezer with “pre-fabricated” foods. ¬† We don’t usually eat that stuff but it made things simpler and the boys much more appreciative of what I do for them every night.

Alright, where we were, the chefs didn’t cook frozen dinners, they made special things for us and we loved every single bite they served up. ¬†We had dinner among other places at Wolfgang Puck’s Cafe’ where we sat at the sushi bar.

The Flying Fish Cafe’, we sat right here

at the show kitchen bar

Raglan Road, ¬†Fulton’s Crab House

Here we were sitting at the bar at Fulton’s.

and many other places.

Here are some more pictures of what we saw and where we had fun.

We went on safari at the Animal Kingdome park and saw the king of the animal world sitting on top of his hill. I hope you can see him up there on the right of the tree.

the tree of life

The trunk of this tree holds a huge theater and has been carved or sculpted with over 300 images of animals.




72 year old Jean who gave us a tour of a restaurant

And there is Mike on the back porch of the Hall of Presidents


And while we had lunch in France with a very famous rodent, we actually saw the Space Shuttle take off for another adventure

We were thoroughly entertained the whole 9 days

A Trip Report

Last year at this time, Mike and I were on our way up north to the U.P. for a football game. ¬†The Semi Finals actually for the Frankfort Panthers and my boys were both on that team, although not scheduled to play. ¬†They had just moved up after the J.V. season (successful season) had ended to be the Varsity’s “Junkyard Dogs”. ¬†In other words, they were standing at the sidelines, while the older boys played.

I had never been across the bridge. ¬†I didn’t ever want to cross the bridge. Bridges scare me. ¬†For nearly 8 years I had to cross the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco every day and I did not like that one bit.

Here are some pictures for you.


There’s snow coming, can you see?


What a beautiful bridge and fun to cross. ¬†It’s so much bigger than the Golden Gate and so much less traffic on it.


In the last 30 years I have taken many of these pictures of Mike. In all of them he’s younger than in this one, heehee



Look how dark that sky is at noon!  Snow is on the way


Oh look, little cabins ¬† ūüôā


oh no, too much snow coming down all at once. ¬†It’s a blizzard


Wow, the highway so close to the lake.


The Yooper Dome in all its glory.
We lost that game.   It was an ugly game.

We will miss making this trip this year because of the timing of our Disney trip. I never thought about it. I also messed up Marc with hunting.  We are leaving on opening day of deer season.  I am a bad mother.  Where are my priorities I ask you.

Mike and I were mostly on our own while in Marquette. ¬†We loved being there. ¬†It is a really fun, young town with some great bars and restaurants and so many young people. It actually reminds me of what Petaluma, CA was like in the early 80’s.

I lost my camera :(

Yesterday I lost my camera. Right in front of the high school. I didn’t notice it until I was almost home. ¬†It is the only place this could have happened. ¬†I drove right back into town and looked for it, hoping one of the many kids that were out there, when I picked up Marc, had found it and taken it to the office. ¬†Sadly that didn’t happen. ¬†Someone picked it up and took it home.

I went home and created a REWARDS poster.  It read as follows:


$ 100.00

To anyone who can return my camera.

My camera fell out of my car’s passenger side on Wednesday,
November 11, at noon in front of the main doors at school.

Inside a soft, black case with a MickeyMouse head on the zipper is a metallic light blue digital camera.

A $ 100. bill is waiting for you in the school’s office, no questions asked.

I offered $ 100.00 for the return.  It was not returned when I checked today at 3PM.
Amazing that the offer of “$ 100.00 and no questions asked” wouldn’t bring that camera back. This means that I will be leaving on Sunday without my camera *sniff-sniff*

I’ll be back to post on Tuesday the 22nd. ¬†Meanwhile, those boys that live here and their Grandmother are going to make sure that the house is alright. At least that’s what we are hoping for BUT, they are unpredictable – hehe…

Last Year’s Christmas Tree

Christmas trees

The story of last year’s Christmas tree started more than 3 years ago.

Suddenly, like I have already told you, the elk ranch didn’t sell Christmas trees any longer and it was incredibly difficult to find decent trees. ¬†The other thing was, I – together with my partner in crime, Carol Cherriez took care of the annual benefit Christmas Ball for the local hospital 2 years in a row and had no time to look for a tree and decorate it in time to make it worth it – it took a lot of time to pull that Ball together which always takes place on the first Saturday in December. ¬†Needless to say, the Saturday after Thanksgiving came and went and no one thought of Christmas trees or anything else for that matter until the Ball was done and over with.

So, last year I didn’t fool around with the Ball but for some reason I could not get Mike to go with me to look for a tree. ¬†Finally I got just a tiny bit bent out of shape and drove over to Victoria’s Floral Design in Benzonia and there was this HUGE blue spruce. ¬†HUGE is maybe an understatement, the thing was huge. ¬†We measured and I walked around it a few times. It had been cut and deposited in the driveway in front of the store. ¬†It was laying halfway in the snow and it was frozen in place. ¬†LuAnn was with me and there were 3 sales people plus a driver in the store – we had enough people to yank that tree loose and get it onto LuAnn’s truck.
Weeeell, it wasn’t as easy as that. ¬†We yanked and yanked. We even broke some branches. After about 30 minutes of yanking, the tree was tied to the truck. ¬†Yikes, it was very big. ¬†We got it to the front porch and there we noticed how big that thing really was.
Hmmmm….”that’s easy” said Mike, we’ll cut as much of the tree as we want off the top and use the lower branches for decorations around the house. Great. ¬†Mike measured and cut.
I did some chores and when I came back into the living room, there was ….what? ¬†“Where’s the tree?” ¬†Ummmmm….I don’t know what Mike measured, I know that what I saw was the very top of the tree and then one layer of branches and that was that. The entire thing no higher than 4 feet including the 12 inch long stick that made up the top. You know, the stick that you make the angel sit on. ¬†In our case it’s a spaceship not an angel.¬† I could actually look down on this “tree”.

Oh boy….what a disappointment.

So we got down some of the Christmas ornaments and doodads and I started to decorate the pitiful thing. And after a few of my crystal icicles on there, I could not go on.  I took off my gloves and sat in front of it and looked at it to see what could be done to save it.   I did that for about 4 days and then I took off the few icicles that I had hung on it and threw the tree with the tree stand outside, onto the porch, where it stayed until spring clean-up.

The funny thing is, none of my people ever mentioned the tree.

No one ever said anything about that tree not

being where they had left it for me, ready to be decorated.

They all thought it would go away if they didn’t say anything.

But it is still here.

In my mind.

In their minds.

Never to be forgotten and never to be repeated or else!


No matter what, I am 100% certain that I will bake and decorate Christmas Cookies even this year.



And we’ll have something yummy to drink too.

It’s hard work!

Putting the property to bed is quite a chore each November. ¬†As you remember, this last spring we had a mess on our hands because the snow started falling weeks too early. ¬†We had mountains of wet, nasty leaves to clear away which we usually don’t because the wind bows them all across the street into Sis’ field ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ūüėČ

Last Sunday, we happened to see an infomercial ¬†that sold an electric leaf blower/shredder/mulcher ¬† <—not a word, I know.¬† I made Mike order it. ¬†It came last Wednesday and I put it together. ¬†They didn’t lie, it is lighter than a gallon of milk. ¬†He came home from work, his eyes lit up, he went outside and gave that new toy a try. ¬†After about 20 minutes he returned to tell me that it’s not all fun, it’s hard work actually! ¬† uhuhhhh…

Here he is right now, ¬†blowing, mulching, shredding; ¬†has been for hours…
Don’t tell me he’s not having fun with the music blasting in his ears and the sun shining like it’s another summers day.







We are almost ready for our trip!