Open for Business!

Yes, the sign is up and we are open for business.  Should be a good crop again this year, and prices are low.

So come on down or up and start weeding ūüėČ


Looks a mess but is really quite pretty and cottage-garden-ish in real life ūüėČ


I cannot keep the Oregano at bay. Thank goodness the chickens like munching on it

I almost wiped it off the table

My Disney friend, Angie from Indiana, and her family stayed at the Wayfarer last week.  They are a family of 5, so they booked 2 cottages.  1 of the cottages was for their daughter and her friend.

Teenagers often leave something for me to find. ¬†It’s not always funny or nice.
But this time, I had to smile.  As I walked into the cabin to check it out before letting Leah go in to clean it, I found 2 little piles of sand on the dining table.
I almost wiped them off the table …

Cute? ¬† Yes, I think it’s very cute ūüôā

The Interloper

chickens for blog.JPG

There is never a dull moment at the Wayfarer!

A couple of weeks back, ¬†a ruckus started in the chicken coop. ¬†The chickens chased “Tootsie” all over the run and attacked her something awful.

I went out to check on the girls and to see what was wrong.  The noise level was very uncomfortable.
I was stunned to find “Tootsie” looking really mangled. ¬†Feathers were missing from her chest, her comb was damaged – she looked awful.

When night time approached, all went quiet, but the next day the same ruckus.  Mike and I decided to let the chickens out of their run, so they could separate and quiet down.
When Mike suddenly realized that we had 3 black chickens, not 2 like there should be.

Turns out his friend had smuggled into our coop a chicken from his coop.  An ugly black, battered by a rooster, chicken by the name of Royal.

He thought it was funny, I did not!  My chickens were traumatized for a couple of days.

Mike caught Royal, after chasing her through the bushes, in his pier fishing net.




She was picked up by her owner shortly thereafter.

Dear Iris…

As I walked up to Hummingbird (#6 for all who have stayed at the Wayfarer), a card was clipped to the door addressed to “Iris”.

“Dear Iris, I figured you would never forget the two ladies who traveled all the way from Florida for a wedding that got cancelled the day of.” ¬†–
Indeed, I will not forget these ladies, a mother and daughter who could not have been nicer, more appreciative or happy. They made the best of the situation and enjoyed this beautiful area.

I may forget what is on my personal calendar some days, but I rarely forget a guest.
I know – strange, LOL



The little Things

On the rare occasion, when I have time to go into Frankfort during summer, I can never find a parking space. Neither can you.
One could be tempted to park in someone’s driveway, but that wouldn’t be prudent. Instead,¬†¬†you drive around and around, when lo and behold, there is a spot open, maybe even 2 or 3 spots.
You can almost always find a nice spot BEHIND City Hall and/or the City Marina a block west of City Hall.  And when you discover these lovely spots, you get to walk through the tiniest of gardens to get to Main Street.


The Frankfort city garden

See the blue awning? Good – next to it is my favorite clothing store “Hull’s of Frankfort”



It’s been too long

Today, a new guest told me that he loves reading this blog. ¬†I told him that since I rarely left the property, I didn’t feel I had anything more to contribute. ¬†But for all of you who are not following us on facebook, ¬†I could tell you about happenings in the area and news from the Wayfarer anyway.¬†Let me know in the comments if you are interested in anything in particular.

Starting today, I will continue and see where that takes me.

I found and posted a picture of an oil painting of a stretch of M-22 around Crystal Lake, by David Westerfield  to our facebook page. You should see it too

David Westerfield painting