More Pure Michigan

Tonight we were at the annual Convention and Visitors Bureau Dinner at Crystal Mountain.  We had great cocktails, fantastic food and a really good speaker Dave Lorenz.   Anyway, he’s with Pure Michigan and he showed us the three new local commercials for this year’s campaign.  My very own husband is in one of them, fly fishing.   I have pictures to prove it 😆

Cool, isn’t it?  I took pictures of the pictures that were displayed, hence the quality…

For a laugh tune into this video

Coffee at the Wayfarer

A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto: Taso de...

A cup of coffee!

I went grocery shopping today. Whilst putting all the new stuff away, I had to shuffle around some of the old stuff.  And of course, a bag of ground coffee fell onto the stove. The stove got excited and turned on and burned a huge hole into said bag.  I lifted the bag off the stove and all the coffee spilled everywhere




Ok folks, that’s all.  I thought someone might be interested in today’s disaster.  Everyday something else…


Oh and before I forget it,  those curtains I made for cottage 3 yesterday – measure twice and cut once is a something to think about!
Yes, they are too short




Have a great cup of coffee to start your day!

😆   😆   😆

What did the Neighbor call it?

It has rained a little the last two mornings.  The grass is growing and it looks a lot like SPRING

Today is the day to begin the real clean-up at the Wayfarer.  This means getting the big branches off the cottage roofs, rake up what can be raked up, drag it all to the huge burn pile in the back 40. But there needs to be fun mixed in as well…

The neighbor calls it a Redneck campfire 😆

There’s at least one wanna-be redneck in the group

And look,  there, among all the debris sits this singular daffodil…

Happy Spring Break!