No Lights, no Problem

Yesterday, as I was standing in the checkout line at the grocery store, half way through my stuff, the power went out.  The generators kicked in but the phones were dead, including ATT cell phones.   I could not pay for my stuff – they took my signature and let me go on my merry way.

The power didn’t come on and the entire town was wondering about this all important Friday night football game.  Playoffs are upon us and we cannot miss a game!
Not to worry, this is “small town U.S.A”, as you all know, and the game went on only a little later than scheduled.  That may have been due to the ambulance getting there late.

The Traverse City Record-Eagle had the following to say:

” Darkness dominated Benzie County on Friday night due to power outages, but light was shining on a Frankfort 21-14 Division 8 football playoff victory over Mio.  …
Cummins Bridgeway of Traverse City had generators to Lockhart Field by 6:30, a half hour before kickoff and Olson electric of Frankfort had the field’s lights up and running.”
In the article Coach Stapleton was quoted as saying: ” Pretty incredible, the only place in the county that had power was at Lockhart Field…”.

Even with all that rain coming down sideways, the stands were loaded with fans.
For me the reason to go was that Tyler and the JV team, who have now moved up to Varsity, were suited up and may have a chance to play.  But after a quarter and a half of getting rained on from the south side, I made my way back to my car and moseyed ( <—–my spellcheck says that’s not a word)  on home to see how Marc was getting on all alone in the dark house, with only Bear to keep him company.


Pumpkins on Parade

I decided to go and see what Ed Moody is up to this week, with Halloween coming and all.  Ed Moody (google him) is the premier pumpkin carver around these parts of the world.

The rain has finally stopped, so this would be a great opportunity to take some pictures.    Ed was actually working on one of the pumpkins as I drove up.

I asked Ed if he ordered the pumpkins or if they were offered to him and he said “neither”.  He goes to all 5 weigh-ins here in Michigan and gets them there.  The 5th weigh-in is right here in Frankfort during Fall Festival always the second weekend in October.

Ed and his wife live on Leelanau Avenue and he estimates that about 15000 visitors come by during the season.  Also he says that they give out a little over 1000 full size candy bars on Halloween night











He fashioned the teeth from the white pumpkins laying in front of the big head and he sticks them in place with toothpicks. Ed says that they swell with the moisture from the pumpkin and therefore really hold the “teeth” in place.  Oh and he works with only a fillet knife and a boning knife, nothing else.


And then, across the street from Ed Moody’s house, there is this haunted garden full of headless creatures:





Back again in Ed’s front yard there is a big pumpkin that Dr. Franke started to carve. Not bad for only his 2nd. pumpkin, but for a dentist, the teeth leave a lot to be desired, heheh




And all this carving gets done under a golden canopy and with woodpeckers looking for food



Get out your pumpkin carving tools and get to work people.  Email me the pictures of your works of art, I’ll post them here on the blog


Really?  Yes, last Saturday, October 24th, was the last day/night to enjoy a great meal with or without friends at the Coho Cafe’  in Frankfort under Steve’s management.  He sold the restaurant.
Last week we saw the add in the paper, where he offered this quaint restaurant for sale and when I talked with him on Saturday, he told me it had sold.


Steve and Mike

We will miss him although he promised that he would be there for the first year and that he’ll help them through the transition. It will not be the same. But, there’s always room for something new and exciting.  I wonder, of course, how things will change, because in the end I am that creature of habit.

A group of 9 of us went to the last seating for the last of what was in the kitchen and we were not disappointed.  What fun we had, the food was outstanding as usual and the company was great.  The place was stuffed – everyone was there, and in this town – everybody knows everybody, it was a great party.

Farewell to the comfortable and familiar and welcome to a new show in town!

Small Town U.S.A.

November Elections in Frankfort.
No, this is not a political statement or rant – it is an observation.

My friend Art Schneider sent this picture this morning.

Frankfort November elections

That’s interesting because I have been driving past these and other, very similar, signs  all last week, thinking that it is funny that there are no last names.  So, I am not the only one that scratched their head about this.

Isn’t it cool?

I’ve been told

I have had several emails in the last few days and 2 phone calls today about not keeping up here.  Soooooo, I am going to go outside and show you what it looks like here behind the house on October 23, 2009.

It rained so hard about 30 minutes ago, that I actually stopped what I was doing to see what the commotion outside was all about.

This is the view from the bay window




The other day, Mike said the falling leaves were making an awful noise.  He was right.  It was quite noisy.

Today is the perfect kind of day, I think.  It is wet, cold and gloomy. Just right for getting outside and being rained on and all cold and frozen, only to come back inside have some hot cocoa with a shot of rum and some whipped cream on top.  We call that Russian Chocolate.  Or maybe an Irish Coffee?    Or a Pharisaer?  num, num  One of my all time favorite drinks.


Pour strong black coffee into a regular sized coffee cup, add one lump of sugar,  add a shot-glass full of braun Jamaican rum and on top of that a good sized dollop of  homemade whipped cream.  Do not stir but drink the coffee with the rum through the whipped cream.

Beware!! If you are drinking that in a restaurant or a bar and you stir it,  you are obligated to buy a drink for everyone at the restaurant!  The bartenders are going to make sure to let you know that they have caught you in a “no-no” , heheh

Going into town

I had to go into town this morning to look for small pumpkins – I needed 6 of them to replace the impatiens that got frozen in the icy overnight temperatures a week or so ago.   On my way to the store I stopped on Main Street to see what new stuff Mariah had in her store. Of course I found a few nice things to take home on approval.

Finally a picture of Mariah!


For the first time ever I saw the weather vane that is on top of Frankfort’s City Hall.  I really don’t like that building.  Actually the building is nice if it were located in let’s say…Colorado?  In my mind it does not fit into a beach community. It’s a building for the mountains.  No one consulted me, pfft.

So, there is this beautiful weather vane on atop this misplaced building



And now I have to show you the decorated lamp posts.  These are the first ones, there are many more to come.  I thought this one at Dinghy’s is really stunning


This one, in front of Walenta’s is from the people at the Maples – our longterm care facility


Here is java 429’s display.



And the last one for today is in front of Mariah’s store, it is her display.  Can you believe she put her carved bear out there?  I would worry just a tiny bit about someone liking him too much.

Yes, I found the perfect pumpkins.  Here are a couple of pictures of my handy-work.

cute, huh?

What do you think?

Oh Boy, the weather

The weather sure wasn’t cooperating this weekend.

Saturday morning was gorgeous and the Fall Festival Parade went off without a hitch.

LuAnn and I found a spot in front of the drug store and pretty soon, there were a whole bunch of people we knew assembled, ready to watch:

After the parade, LuAnn and I walked back to her place, I drove home – I needed to get ready for another big event, namely

Cindy’s wedding

As Mike and I got on the road around 2:30 to drive to Honor, it started to rain, then it snowed heavy, wet snow and we noticed many, many cars leaving Frankfort.  Ohoh, the Fall Festival was over, everyone fled to warmer places like their homes.  Mike and I headed to watch Cindy get hitched and we made it just in time.  No pictures, because I forgot to take my camera.  I can tell you it was a great country hoedown in the middle of her beautiful, huge field in this immense white tent, there were hundreds of guests, none of which Mike and I knew.