Today, Sunday August 30th, 7 cabins emptied out and only 3 checked in so, we have 4 empty cabins.  That hasn’t happend since June.   We’re coming to the end of what turned out to be an enjoyable season for us.  We’ve had very nice guests, there was no stress this year.  Lots of laughs and a few cocktails later I am still going strong.
Now comes the time to tell you about all the things that are planned for this fall and winter in the area so that you can make plans to come and see for yourself.

So the first thing that comes to mind is the

Fall Festival 2009

which is planned for the first and second weekend of October
to be held in Benzonia and Frankfort

So many things are on the schedule.
Here are just a few:

Fall Soup Contest
Benzie Area Historical Museum & Tour
The Honor Lions Club will serve a Hillbilly Breakfast
The 10K Betsie Valley Run/Walk
Bid on a giant pumpkin carved by  Ed Moody
Juried Mutt March
Learn to carve a pumpkin with Ed Moody
Win a bike
and the piece de resistance:

Pumpkin Chunkin Contest
This year there will be trebuchets (catapults) again trying to fling gigantic pumpkins into the bay and to see which catapult can
fling the big orange thing farther.
That is always so much fun to watch in action.
The first year when they were chucking pumpkins into the bay, Mike and Marc were out there in the duck boat, picking up pumpkin pieces out of the water. Those two had too much fun out there.

Tami Hoag

If you have gone to the  book store or even your grocery store, Walgreens and other assorted variety stores, you have seen the name Tami Hoag.  She has local, Benzie County,  connections.  I know her niece and so do you…

Melina Penne is her niece!  You saw Melina’s picture in the Thursday Night Lights post.

When you see her in this interview, she acts and looks exactly like Melina’s youngest daughter Camry

Ok this post is to prove to you
that I do know people
who know
famous people



Gloomy, rainy Saturday

Grrrrrr… has been one gloomy and wet Saturday.  Yes, it was a gloomy Friday too and Thursday but not quite as bad as today. Today, like last night, it is raining hard.
I LOVE this kind of weather only not in August.  I really am looking forward to this kind of weather after a really perfect summer.  It is fun to dress warm and go outside for a good long time and then come back in for some hot toddy.
This definitely feels like October weather to me.

Norma from the R & R Motel called me to let me know that she has had 3 rooms cancelled because their fishing charters  were cancelled due to high waves on Lake Michigan.

So the economy is bad, we get people to make reservations
(the pure Michigan campaign is working) and spend
time in this area and then the


actually predicts the correct weather?

So I went out there and gave all those stranded fishermen and women in my cottages cards to play with.  I think they’re having a good time, dealing cards and telling fish stories from long ago.