Turkey Shoot

Traveling along Grace Road today, I saw this bunch.   Altogether there were about 15 of them.
By the time I got the car stopped and that camera whipped into shape, they had escaped into the woods.

I know that it’s not a great picture. You try it in the middle of the road, standing there while another car comes careening down the hill behind you.  I took my little life into my hands for this picture!  So stop complaining, gang 😛

Stormy Weather

This was a day for hot chocolate (with rum) and comfort foods – not that it’s cold.  The winds are howling, blowing, sending rain. A lot of rain.

Becher Kakao mit Sahnehäubchen

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I love fall, most of you know that.  This is a very welcome event, as today the first, big storm of the season started.  It is widespread and it seems, dare I say it, that we are among the very lucky for not having any power problems.


These first couple or so were taken at the Elberta outlook. The Frankfort lighthouse is on the right

A shot from the Elberta outlook of the Frankfort Coast Guard Station

This picture was taken down below the Elberta lookout, right by the old Lifesaving Station

All these pictures and about 35 more are in the collection down below.  Click on each of them to see them better.


Wasn’t that amazing?