Is it a Lake or an Ocean?

Holy-moly, the wind today should have been classified as a hurricane.  Wow, I was told that it was coming at us with 65 knots and getting stronger.   Amazing.  They had front loaders on the 2 blocks closest to the beach on Main Street to push the sand back to where it belongs – the beach.  After finishing my morning work and checking new guests in, a little after 4 pm, I drove up to Frankfort to see for myself what the guests had been telling me. Of course by that time I was way too late to catch a glimpse of those huge, yellow machines.

Wow, the lake didn’t look like a lake anymore.  It’s more like an ocean with the waves breaking over both the south and the north piers.  Simply amazing.  I took a bunch of pictures for some reason the camera isn’t fast enough or what ever you might call that.  I saw the big waves coming, aimed and shot and the camera would take f-o-r-  e-v-e-r   to “reload”. And so I always shot the pictures in between what I really wanted to get.

My car and windshield got sand blasted,  good, it is now ready for that new paint job   :mrgreen:

Here are the pics of today. I hope they are sharp enough and the contrast is there

remember to click on the little pictures to see them better


So it’s here


20th Anniversary Celebrations
(I think they’re celebrating)

It started on Wednesday and for some reason I have not seen the participants yet.

I am not sure what’s going on there, maybe they didn’t appreciate the decorations this year?

You remember I had this heap of after dinner mints.

I made nice piles of them on the pillows


and the rest I stuffed into their coffeemakers, hehehe

See, I even stuffed the filter compartment.

What?  No way – I am not going down there to find out what they thought about that.

If you want to know, you go and ask