This coming September, 3 of our most enjoyable guests *Ed, Joe and Joe* are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the

Northern Michigan Golf Extravaganza

ed and the joes I believe this was taken at Crystal Downs

I look forward to seeing them each year although we only see them when they arrive and then again 4 or 5 days later, when they check out.   Their sense of humor and personalities might have something to do with that 🙂

They play golf at all the very nice courses, including Arcadia Bluffs and Crystal Downs
Crystal Downs is said to be among the 100 best golf courses, ranking 11th in the US and 23rd in the world.  That’s pretty spectacular.  I don’t play golf because it’s too difficult to see the little white ball in the snow.  I played tennis for many years – no ranking though, heehee.
The three amigos are playing Crystal Downs, because they bid on a round or two at a Frankfort Schools Benefit each spring.

Now, back to why I am even writing about this matter – a box arrived yesterday. Ed sent it.

a huge bag full of "after dinner mints", heehee

a huge bag full of…wait for it…


“after dinner mints” 😯

I wonder if  they want me to turn down the beds and put one on each pillow. Oh, I could have fun with this.
Requests for something “special” usually roll in a couple of weeks before they all get here.  Like the request, by one of the Joes,  to put a snake into Ed’s bed, which I did.  Little did Joe know that I had a real snake, although very small, that had been flattened and preserved. I stuck it under Ed’s pillow.  He didn’t find the thing until their last night here.

Why am I telling all of that?
To let you know that we give individualized service with a smile and a giggle, heehee


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Kathy lives on one of the highest dunes in the Elberta Dunes Preserve.  It’s right around the bend from here.  What a property.  Driving down M-22 from Frankfort, you can see the shiny roof of the house.  What a gorgeous house it is.  I’ll see if I can post some pictures of it here soon.

On with the story…

I finally got Kathy’s pictures re-sized.  They are all taken from her deck  –  here they are:



Bear has had a rough night.  I know it’s my own fault, I should not let him roam the property alone.  He goes and visits with the guests and he begs for goodies. The guests think they’re being clever when they feed him, which I frequently ask them NOT to do.
Bear threw up during the night in the house and is still throwing up now outside.  Amazing how much food he has in him and none of it his own.

Short of putting up “don’t feed the animals” sign like in the zoo, what can I do?
Now he sits there on the steps at the back door, tied up, sad and sick.
And I am angry 😦