Missing in Action – my glass.

My Martini glass to be exact.  I took it to someone’s house a long time ago and forgot to take it home.

Where ever I left it is a complete mystery to me. No one has come forward and said “Hey, I have this strange Martini glass here, come pick it up”

The reward for turning it in to me is this fabulous recipe:

Snowflake Martini

Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur
Creme de Cocoa
Splash of Peppermint Schnaps
Vanilla Vodka

Shake, shake, shake until frothy and cold

crushed peppermint candies for the rim on the glass


More Wedding Excitement

Mike and I went to a very fun wedding celebration yesterday evening.
Thank goodness the weather was perfect.

The food was catered by the Bayview Grille, mmmmm.  Tina thought they had the best food in all the world
(one of the cooks is her son, :lol:, she better thinks that)

A beautiful evening and we were glad to be part of it and away from the Wayfarer for a few hours.

There was also a magician.
14 year old Mitchel from Traverse City was hired to entertain the troops.
He did a fantastic job.

Fun was the photo-booth. Everyone was asked to go and take goofy pictures which would be put in a book for the happy couple.

Mike and I were goofy

We left around 10 however, the party went on without us until 3 am or so.  It truly was a fun event.

Wedding Excitement

This weekend is the weekend for weddings around here. From what I hear, there are 3 this weekend in Frankfort.  Every hotel, motel, cabin, cottage, sleeper sofa, etc. is full.  Finally the weather has turned sunny and warm this morning after a week of drizzle and rain.  Makes for a more fun day.

We have some wedding guests here who, when they checked in, didn’t know if the wedding they planned to attend,  was going to take place or not.  I was afraid to ask what happened but this morning, when I saw them, I had to know.  The wedding was not going to happen, the groom had called it off.  All the people that had come from out of town to celebrate were a little peeved to have spent the money.  Our guests made the very best of it, they made themselves comfortable in the backyard, drinks in hand, looking forward to a bonfire at the beach with the brother of the bride and their friends this evening.

Mike and I are going to a wedding this evening.  Really, it’s a party to celebrate a wedding that has already taken place a few months ago. Great food from the Bayview Grille and fun people to party with.
I am ready for some adult fun away from the house.


So now, how long have we lived at the Wayfarer aka Wits End?
Since March 11, 1995

TODAY, Mike found these old signs in the rafters of the garage

Joe is taking a sign home, he collects all kinds of signs.

Two of the guys that make the Wayfarer what it is.

Mike fixes things – Joe breaks things (not lying here)
Joe wanted to mow the lawn once and did a pretty good job until he got to the Wayfarer sign
mowed right through all the Iris’ and Lilies
the flood light assembly
which illuminates the sign and let’s people know that we’re here 😯
We make fun of him for that every chance we get

Deliciousness at the Wayfarer

I have a fridge full with berries and other assorted fruits like grapes, peaches, bananas and pineapples.  Instead of a healthy fruit salad for dinner, I made some chicken and baked a cake to top with that fruit.  It’s a German thing called Obstkuchen.  From butter, flour, sugar and eggs I baked the thin cake and created…

Ta-daaaaaaaaaa  ~

A German Obstkuchen

With some homemade whipped cream, it was delicious


3 eggs

150 g. Butter

150 g. Sugar

150 g. Flour

1 tsp. Baking powder

1 tsp. Vanilla extract

Eggs, butter and sugar in mixer until fluffy and light, add vanilla and baking powder, mix well then gently add the flour.  Pour dough into shallow tart pan and bake  at 325 degrees for 25 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.   Let the cake cool and then add the fruit.  Cover the fruit by brushing on gelatin that’s been prepared with apple juice (let cool slightly before brushing on fruit). It makes the whole cake shiny and a little sweeter 😉

Whip up some heavy whipping cream and wahoooooooo, enjoy!

Peacock Feathers

We had the distinct pleasure to spend quite a long time with Elberta’s very own peacock yesterday –  he was totally enamored with my sister in law, Corky.   He kept flaunting his tail feathers and strutting around on mom’s deck. Of course, as usual, I didn’t have my camera with me.

Today, Mike took these pictures for me…

remember to click on the pictures at least once to get a larger picture!

He walks all over Elberta, our renters, across from mom’s house blame the poor peacock for the theft of their plant-lings in their little vegetable garden. Personally – I think the bunnies are stealing their veggies.  He is loud, we can hear him all the way at our place some days.  I have thought of kidnapping the bird to re-locate him to the Wayfarer for the amusement of the guests but he will not come over 😦

Back to getting chickens.  I am currently looking for noiseless chickens!

Excited to be an Innkeeper today

It’s  fun to welcome back guests. Some you get to know better than others.  Tomorrow my boyfriend Jimmy is coming back to stay with us, for the second time already this season. I cannot wait to see him and his brothers.

Next, a very sweet couple, who just got married in the fall, are coming to spend this next week here at the Wayfarer.  I have not seen them since before their wedding. I happen to have my favorite sparkly in the fridge and thought I should share it with them.

The moose is waiting to see them again,

Mickey is waiting to boil water for them,

The living room is waiting to be lived in,

bathroom is ready!

Sheeesh, I hope they enjoy alkihol 😆