At long last, the Stairs at the end of Grace Road are finished and today we held a private celebration on the deck of said stairs.  All but one of the volunteers was there.

Kudos go to Carl Noffsinger, Ron Bayette, Corky Anderson, Chris Noffsinger, Mike Jones, Tyler Jones, and last but not least John Keilor who brought along some heavy equipment from Luedtke Engineering.

So, I have pictures, no one wanted to be singled out or pose for me.  “No accolades” we were told.  The newspaper wanted to put out a spread but the men said “no” to that as well.  Quietly, with hors d’oeuvre we celebrated this afternoon.
The sun was out and warm and glowing.   Wow, what amazing weather we’ve been having for the last 8 or so days.  The pictures are not all that great, but good enough to give you an idea of how wonderful this is going to be for everyone who wants to enjoy this glorious beach.

So here now the pictures of the guys and, of course, the finished stairs

The tall skinny guy is Chris Noffsinger


John Keilor

Corky Anderson with the ball cap and Tyler Jones in the yellow t-shirt

Carl Noffsinger with the ball cap

Mike Jones in the orange ball cap and Carl Noffsinger with the blue cap

Lots of dogs were there for the grand opening 🙂

Everyone getting ready for the walk down to the beach

There you have it.  Ok, so we are looking forward to beach going season.  Every day of the year is beach going season in my mind.

A word about the future of this blog. 
I promise not to  forget my camera so often and to think about writing about more things
that might interest you who don’t live here.

Mike and I consider ourselves very, very lucky to live right here.  Our 17 th season is coming to an end. We have no availability until Tuesday. Grrrrreat 😉


I Love Technology

I am also afraid of it and what it can do to my reservation calendar – After working my reservations on a desk calendar for the last 17 years, extremely low tech, I have been busy implementing an online reservation system.
A lot of would-be-guests have complained that we don’t have an availability calendar on the website.   My webmaster said that I did not only want an availability calendar but that I would want, whether I know it or not, an honest to goodness 21 century online thing.
So, that’s what has kept me busy for the last week and some days.  I am trying it (haven’t committed to it yet)  because this means that everyone out there in cyberspace can now make reservations and I cannot screen new guests to make sure they all fit in here or if they would be better off at my competition. Ergo, it remains to be seen if this is for us or not

Researchers Wanted!

Tell me how you feel about making a reservation via computer at a small mom and pop place

Oh and please someone take a moment and check it out. and first refresh the page

Do you like the way it behaves, does it look right, do you like the pictures/slideshows?

Any critique is welcome (I think I mean it)

Thank you!

Online reservations do not mean that you cannot call me to make a reservation. I love talking to you!  It’s only suppose to support me

Bicycling along Lake Michigan

A few weeks ago we had guests who were into bicycling.  They had bikes for every circumstance.  Just look at these.

Here Lisa and Matt are on their way to Arcadia, having started from Elberta Beach
That would be a 13 mile bike ride along the Lake Michigan shoreline !

(If you click on each picture twice, a really large picture reveals itself…)

Lisa, taking a break, sitting in the outlet

The “outlet” – Lower Herring Lake into Lake Michigan

And back up north to Wayfarer Lodgings

Tim Allen should be talking about this in one of his Pure Michigan commercials.

Does this not look like fun?