Frankfort-Elberta Festivities

June 19, 2010 was a big day for Frankfort and Elberta.  Antique Car show and Craft Fair in Frankfort and across the bay, the Elberta Summer Solstice Festival.   Enormous crowds, sunshine, great food, provided by the local restaurants.  See for yourselves…


remember to click on each picture to see all the wrinkles…



Aha!  this is where the crazy dressers got their clothes

on to the beer garden where this year local breweries sold their stuff

Hannah Beale was definitely the highlight of the evening for most of us.

7 thoughts on “Frankfort-Elberta Festivities

  1. Next time let us use a mirror before you “click” a picture!!!

  2. “Dipsey Chicks” ha! I love it! Boy did I like that furniture too. 🙂

    • that furniture was outstanding. Real quality. He should not be categorized as “craft”, like the ones that came with their beer can wind-chimes, blech. He should be in the “art”-fair.

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