Service at the Wayfarer!

Mike and I went to dinner at the Coho Cafe again last Saturday evening.
It’s really the only restaurant we go to in summer, because they close shop after Labor Day until the next year and then we switch to other restaurants in Frankfort and around the county.
The Coho Cafe has the best bar tenders by far and it is the most fun sitting there at the bar. More than at any other restaurant.  Anyway, I go on as though this was a story about dinner and drinks.  Would be nice if it were so.

We got home after dark, I believe it was around 10 PM to find a note from a guest at the door.

The poor man …heehee

In case you wonder,  YES, we gave him a nice, cozy blanket because he is a very nice guy and the father of my boyfriend Jimmy!   😉

Winner of the contest

Good Harbor Bay, Sleeping Bear Dunes

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Carol and Jessie Greenfield

won the Sleeping Bear Dunes DVD.  The answer was indeed


Gotta love a word scramble.  I am so not good at that.

Thank you all for participating.

To the people that have entered and who live far, far away – you must come and see the dunes for yourself.

I am looking at you Hula girl!

I gave every entry a number and then generated a number via the “random number generator”

New Contest!

How about answering my question below and winning a Sleeping Bear Dunes DVD?

Here’s what we’ll do, you post the answer in the comment section of this blog and I will close the contest on Sunday, August 29, 2011.
I will then take all the correct answers and throw them into a hat and have one of our guests pull the winner.


Here at the Wayfarer , we like to keep our guests on their toes.

You wake up from an afternoon snooze.

You look straight ahead and see …

Alphabet Soup!

Rubbing your eyes to get a real good look…

What does it all mean?

Christopher Columbus, where art thou?

Pinta, Santa Maria, Nina. Lying in the North R...

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Geez, the excitement never stops.  Now we have two of Christopher Columbus’ ships in the Frankfort harbor.  They landed this morning and Mike and I promptly went into town to see them.  The problem was, there wasn’t much to see.  The Pinta was hidden away and all I could see were the rigging and some sail and the Nina was moored at the Jacobson Marina. I was lucky to slip into the marina and take some pictures.  Tomorrow the tours on both ships start and I will try and catch one

See, this was as close as I could get. Nothing to see until the Coast Guard has inspected the ship and deems it save for us land lubbers…

Here’s the other one.  Again, no getting closer until tomorrow.


It goes without saying that these are replicas of the famous ships, right?


And now on to something more modern and extremely ostentatious

presenting the Motor Yacht Sovereign!  <——click on that link

Go ahead and rent her for a mere $ 60.000 per week.  It took 5,000 gallons of fuel at $ 3.94 to get here from Chicago and they bought 5,000 more gallons of fuel for $3.45 as they got into port.  No one knows who’s on the yacht.  I might have to go on a sleuthing trip in the morning 😆

Off Road Shenanigans

Some of our guests have reported seeing cars being driven right down at Grace Road Beach.  We were outraged and it seems so was everyone else that lives on the bluff.  Apparently this happens quite frequently these days because I just found a blog post by the Elberta Alert

“The Village Office has asked the Alert to announce that the following DNR RAP line is in place to receive reports of off-road and beach driving on Elberta Beach property and elsewhere along the shore and dunes. The fine for driving off the lot and gravel road that ends at the Sand Products property is $1,000. If you see a vehicle being operated on the beach or dunes, please ascertain the license plate number and call 800-292-7800. Driving off the designated road is a violation of federal, state, and Village law.”

Stay off our beach!  😦

Diphikulty spalling

Lately we’ve had some fun with signs around the Wayfarer.

The first sign we “worked” on was the 2 mi speed limit sign.  It makes people slow right down as expected.  Can you tell why?

Ok, here is another one

“Rode Wurk” either Mike cannot spell orrrrrrrr, he didn’t have the correct letters in his stencil box.  Which is it?