Main Street

The other day I went into town – it was positively deserted.  Only one other car besides mine was there

Frankfort. Feb 2013

And then I saw the new brewery going up/ being built between the Furniture Store and the Garden Theater.

Frankfort Feb. 2013
Lots of new and exciting things are going on in Frankfort and Elberta and they all have to do with alcohol, heehee.

Down where the Kilwin’s store and Dinghy’s are, there will be a wine bar.  I don’t have details on either of these two new businesses, but I am planning on doing some sleuthing this coming week

8 thoughts on “Main Street

  1. dianetasselmyer2

    all these things sound terrific!!!

  2. The store which was Caddyshack was at one time the original home of “The 7-Spot,” *the* premiere tavern in downtown Frankfort for many decades. It was moved (I think) in either the late ’60s or early ’70s when the Sou’Wester Bowling Lanes was built, where it also joined The Frontenac Room, a nice restaurant with floor-to-ceiling windows facing the harbor for superb evening views of the Lake.

    The business going into the former Caddyshack will be a micro-brewery. The building itself was sold last July, I believe.

    Look out for that Bacchanalia! You don’t want to risk “posting while intoxicated.” Not that I’ve ever had that problem. *rolls eyes upward*

  3. I’d like to know more about the microbrewery: Who/what/when, etc. Thanks!

  4. Fantastic, Jason. Are you involved in this?

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