She’s back!

Now don’t think that I forgot all about you. I haven’t.
But I have been busy doing nothing.
Well, not nothing. I have been brainstorming with myself about what to
tackle first in the cottages as soon as the snow is on its way out of here.
Mike quit his job in order to be here and work on making the cottages beautiful.
We are both very excited about that.

Do I hear a


to me?

Right now, a huge snow storm is on its way across Lake Michigan.
Time to get back to my comfy chair,
put another log on the fire,
enjoy some *Russian (hot) Chocolate* and my kindle – yay

There is nothing better than snow on the ground and more snow falling from the sky.

True? – Opinions please.

See ya  in a couple of days


Recipe for Russian Chocolate:

Hot chocolate,  shot of dark rum, top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings – enjoy!

12 thoughts on “She’s back!

  1. Iris, I’m glad to hear from you! We’ve been talking about Michigan lately because I’m sure tired of winter and am eager for summer. So it was great to know you’re up there waiting for summer, too!

  2. Hi Iris, We are so happy that you are back. Jimmy is counting down the days until we are back. They are looking forward to winter storm tonight hopefully no school so I can enjoy a Russian Hot chocolate and kindel as well.


  3. Here in Georgia, the daffodils are blooming and the trees are budding. You would think I’d be thrilled, but I’d trade it all for a snowbound week in Frankfort… or Elberta… or Watervale…

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