The Mosaic Studio

I have some incredibly talented friends.

I think the studio came together because the girls needed an excuse to drink bubbly on a fairly regular basis.
Not only can they now enjoy fancy-schmancy sparkling wines from L. Mawby or M. Lawrence but while they enjoy a bottle of ‘Wet‘,  they put together some incredible works of art.  Their treasures are going to be sold in August at the Frankfort Art Fair!
Mark your calendars for the weekend of August 17-19, 2012.

One of a kind pieces – it will be so difficult to choose just one item.  See for yourselves

Birdhouses, tool boxes, flower pots, step stones …

Gazing balls are among the favorites

An unfinished bowling gazing ball.  Once that grout goes on it will look amazing.

As time went on, the patterns became more elaborate and more sophisticated

Mariah, founder of the studio and owner of Hulls of Frankfort,  working on a guitar

One of my favorites – the guitar.

Partner in crime, Joanne Bartley, Executive Director of the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce

So now you know what to look for when you come to the Art Fair  🙂

What do I do at the studio?   I have a glass of bubbly, chat, admire the works and go home. I cannot sit there, cut glass or china and glue it onto something; I don’t have the patience.

And they say that alcohol is bad for ya…

6 thoughts on “The Mosaic Studio

  1. Oh I would love this! Hope to be taking a class soon!

    • You go girl. My girls are having tons of fun. They were invited by the local art center to be part of a fundraiser this summer. Everyone gets a dinner table to decorate, and they will do it with their mosaic works. It should be gorgeous. People, on auction night, will actually sit at those tables and have a great dinner.

  2. Looks like we are going to have to add some more nights in august 🙂 Hope cabin 9 is free.
    See you in 36 days (told you the boys are counting it down)

    Sharri and boys

  3. dianetasselmyer2

    You add the support and encouragement and probably a few good jokes!!!

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