The Stairs at the End of the Road

Finally, the stairs at the end of Grace Road are being built.  It’s going to be a long and drawn out process because it’s all done by volunteers after they come home from work.

Some of our guests aren’t all that fired up about this project; they fear too many people will utilize them and fill up the beach.  I have great doubts about that. It’s a huge beach so wide and 13 or so miles long.  It won’t be crowded, big promise.

The work started this morning at 9 am

Max came to greet me…

Lake Michigan is so blue this morning

Oh to be able to walk down a long flight of stairs instead of having to climb the dune – heaven.

By the time most of you get here this summer, the stairs will be ready for you.  This is one of the most exciting things yet.

13 thoughts on “The Stairs at the End of the Road

  1. REALLY?!!! THIS is the Saturday you’re having?! Lucky you. Here on Lake Huron, 10 miles north of Port Huron, it’s gray and blowing stink (as sailors say) out of the NE. But more on your topic, I think you’re right about beach usage. Lazy beach-goers will plop down in the vicinity of the stairs and provide people-watching opportunities for those passing by to stake out a quiet stretch of beach farther afield.

    • Hi Sandy, we’ve had nasty weather for the last two days. It’s really beautiful out today. Perfect for a Saturday outing.
      Yes, these stairs will be a wonderful thing for everyone.

      So happy you checked in 🙂
      I checked in on you a little while ago but I think you have abandoned your blog 😦

  2. dianetasselmyer2

    WOWEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! WHOOPEEEEEE!!!!!!!!
    My husband larry and I have climbed that rope for 25 years and now it’s getting hard for me. (not to mention the poison ivy)
    We are THRILLED!!!!! it is an amazingly beautiful spot.
    Great thing for the Wayfarer too!!!!!!
    Iris…did you organize this?????

  3. How very cool for the locals/your neighbors/your guests!!!

  4. Goodness Gloria. Don’t you need to see your uncle sometime this year? 😉

  5. Guess I just missed the activity as I left for home this morning. Sorry Iris and MIke, I didn’t get a chance to stop in. So busy you know. Next time for sure for a little vino.

  6. Wow, so very exciting indeed. The lake does look beautiful, but then again, I think it always looks beautiful. 🙂 Counting the days until we can see it in person!!

  7. This is a beautiful spot. I climbed down the rope once and was scared the whole time I was down there that I wouldn’t be able to get up again. Lucky you to be so close to an absolutely gorgeous beach that will now be so easily accessible!

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