Tales from the Meadow

An newly bloomed flower head

Image via Wikipedia

Did you know that milkweed has the sweetest, most delicate scent?
I did not until one of our guests told me so.
And then I could smell it everywhere.
But especially in and all around cottage 1
because we have a whole bunch of that lovely weed planted directly under the bathroom window.
If anyone could turn that into a fragrance, I would buy it by the gallon.

Like an addict I would make myself walk by that stand of milkweed as often as
possible, when one day I discovered a butterfly feasting on the delicious, little flowers…

12 thoughts on “Tales from the Meadow

  1. Beautiful pictures Iris. I have never smelt a milkweed plant, but I am wondering if it smells so good, why aren’t there candles and perfume with that scent. I am just wondering. But, I will try to smell one next time I see one.
    As a child I loved to pull apart the pods and watch the white hairs float all thought the field.

    • I had never smelled them before either. But it’s so light and airy, like something you think you have imagined, really just a whisper of scent. Nothing one could put in a candle. It makes you turn around and take another breath to see where that was coming from. Lovely

  2. I can’t say if I’ve even seen one before! I will be on the lookout/smellout from now on. I’ll need to see when they bloom down here and hit the nurseries to try to find them! I love your pictures!!

  3. Monarchs need milkweed. In MN the kids have to go out and find a plant and get a cocoon….and they hatch their own butterfly……love that plant….and the ground it grows on….

  4. There is a serious shortage of milkweed, that is why there are not as many monarch butterflies. You can send away for the milkweed plants, but I can’t remember where!! We have some that were the size of small trees. I used to cut them down until I realized what they were!

  5. Kim of the chamber

    your pictures are lovely and your description of the scent is so poetic! I will have to go out and try to find some to sniff.

  6. Milkweed is a favorite of many birds and insects- I’ll have to check out their scent, I’ve never thought to sniff them!

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