Humor – it makes me laugh

Mike is cleaning out the basement.  That’s a huge job. I have not been down there since the flood of 1729.  But I have made him shove all that I could not part with but had no use for into the bowels of the big yellow house.

While he was finding old journals and military memories in Bekins moving boxes, he also found this tag:

It was “developed” by a very funny restaurant and club owner, a great friend of Mike’s and myself.
She had a dry sense of humor. Long story short,  this tag reads:

I am bar hopping tonight.
If I cannot find my way home, please affix this tag to my lapel and send me home.
Name and address below.

The sender is identified as the restaurant which was (it no longer exists) Baumann’s Hoehle.  Translated: Baumann’s Cave

When I was very young and out with my friends, we often saw people, late night, with these tags hanging from their lapels or belt buckles – everybody wanted one

I miss Westerland/Sylt. We had too much fun there.

I hope you find this as amusing as I do 😆

14 thoughts on “Humor – it makes me laugh

  1. You and Mike should go there on vacation…maybe miss Disney for a year and go there!

  2. Love it……!!! So funny….

  3. I’ll go to Sylte ANYTIME!!! GREAT food and people there

  4. What a great idea!!!! There were times in my younger days that one of those would have come in handy!

  5. Michele Vaughn

    heehee…I think we should make one for Vince:)

    • You are so smaaaat, Hula girl. Yes, we should. It would be so fun too if someone were to be picked up while driving and wearing this thing. Instead of taking them to the jail, they could take them home. How easy is that? 😆

  6. The part about “If I cannot find my way home, …” made me laugh! It immediately reminded me of a story I heard from a friend who attended an Oktoberfest celebration. My friend watched a fellow, gigantic beer stein in hand and so intoxicated he could barely stand, voiding his bladder. What caused my friend to gawk was that the fellow’s ladyfriend — how can I tastefully put this? — was “assisting” him.

    Coming from good German stock myself, I can only smile and laugh at what must happen at Oktoberfest! 🙂

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