Remedy for a Bad Mood

heehee, we had dogs at the Wayfarer this summer.  Sadly I don’t have pictures of all of them.

Murphy who always comes with Susan

Chance who came with Lynn and Alan

And then there is young Betsie who brought with her Joyce.
You guessed right if you thought that she was named after the Betsie River/Betsie Lake (correct me if this is wrong, Joyce)

And Jinx – she loved it here. It was her first but certainly not last visit 🙂

There were many others but I forgot to take pictures of them.  I was busy…

10 thoughts on “Remedy for a Bad Mood

  1. Love the dogs!!! And your blog as well, Iris!

  2. Mitzie, my mini white poodle loves it at the Wayfarer too! Have you thought of adopting another furry friend Iris? Pam

  3. Betsie was named after Point Betsie (my daughter’s suggestion). It’s a place that makes my heart happy, just like my puppy.


  4. Jinx had such a great time as you well know! She keeps asking us if it’s time to come back and see you!! Expect us for 2 weeks next year!!

  5. When my four legged friends are better behaved, they will come too. 🙂

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