16 thoughts on “A Porch with a View

  1. I want to be there eating your cookies, drinking your coffee and enjoying your company…..

  2. Mike the Maintenance Man

    yes it’s purty, but all I can see is that we need to rake, blow, burn, remove, let rot or something with all those *&^^**& leaves…….. 🙂

  3. Just let the leaves blow around……and love them…..

  4. Did you enjoy the ice pellets falling from the sky a bit earlier????? Now the sun is peaking through the dark clouds…just wondering what is next? Have a good day Iris and perhaps a nice cup of cocoa!

    • 😯 noooo, I did not see nor feel ice. I must have been in the shower.
      What will be next? the sun will shine for our weekend guest, I hope

      Hot chocolate with some rum in it sounds great, hehe. You have a great day too, Dale. Are you working?

  5. Looks wonderful Iris, I wish I were in your backyard right now.

  6. Picture perfect fall day. I love the leaves on the ground, but nobody seems to share my sentiments about that around here. Picky neighbors…:)

  7. Maureen and Rachel

    Oct 21 was my birthday. Lovely visuals from Iris as usual! It is warm,70, in Detroit today.


  8. Thank you Iris. I can enjoy the fall colors without the fall temperatures!

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