Frankfort’s Hollyberry Fair

Every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving the
Frankfort Chamber of Commerce puts on

The Hollyberry Fair.

Since the weather is usually not very good, they hold it indoors
at the high school.
It is an arts and crafts fair with some surprising stuff for sale.
Some stuff is surprisingly good and some stuff is suprisingly… know!

Last year we discovered a new company from the Manistee area that makes and sells wine jellies.
You know, the kind of jelly one would pour over a
nice piece of cheese and then serve to friends in the backyard.

Today is THE day 🙂

We met for a breakfast Mimosa at LuAnn’s, then we were off to the school.

We found lots of familiar crafters and some new ones

Oh look at this lady wearing the interesting hat!
This was a fun booth.
“Those 2 Girls”
had some shnazzy hats and scarfs.  Really cool.
I had to buy a scarf and blew my entire budget for the day right there at the first booth we stopped by.

That’s my scarf below – beautiful 🙂

Hey! She’s having a great time modeling hats and scarfs 🙂

It was a busy place.



A whole table full of huge Petoskey stone stuff

Smelly things

Hand-blown Christmas baubles


Button posies


Chamber Director Joanne
who bought a cupcake for her very young daughter who only wanted to eat the icing, heehee  🙂


A raffle for a quilt to benefit the
Crystal Lake Art Center
which is moving into the old Coast Guard Station off Main Street.
They need plenty of money.


And that was our day.


While we were gone to WDW,  Cindy painted our living room.
The color doesn’t really look right though and much as I don’t want to do away with her work
(a great paint job), the paint needs to change.
To what I don’t know yet.  I asked LuAnn to come and look and she was stumped.
She suggested to get Lee to see what to do with it and Lee changed the entire room around.
Something I never thought of because I am basically too lazy to move and clean behind big pieces of furniture.
Anyway,  the room looks so different and fantastic but the color needs to be changed next week, no matter what.


Before I forget to tell you all that it snowed a little yesterday afternoon I will tell you that it snowed yesterday.
It isn’t cold yet and there was more moisture than ice in the air –
the snow didn’t stick around long enough for me to take pictures of.

10 thoughts on “Frankfort’s Hollyberry Fair

  1. Yes, we have seen some of that white sparkly stuff here too.

    That scarf is divine! I understand blowing your budget on it.

    Now, do tell, what exactly is a button posie??

    • ok, what I call a button posie- all those colorful thingys you see are individual buttons on long wires. They looked like bouquets of flowers. Her entire table was covered with these “bouquets” in glass vases. Pretty 🙂

  2. Janice Gravelines

    Oooh! LOVE the scarf! Christmas Fairs are so much fun! We had a sprinkling of the white stuff last night – but it’s melting today. Usually our winter sets in right after Halloween, but this year it’s been gorgeous blue skies and warm temps all month. Everyday without snow is a special little gift.

  3. Christine Tilley

    We’re still having 60 degree temps here in NJ. My husband cut the grass again. It won’t stop growing. I can’t wait until it snows. Me loves snow!! The scarf is so pretty! Uh, where are the pics of the newly painted livingroom? Painting horror stories, I have them. Chose a color that was supposed to be a cocoa color, ummm, in the daylight looks like mauve. I hate mauve. Hubby said he’s not painting again. The only way to change the paint is to divorce him and have hubby#2 do it.

  4. Have I ever told you how much I like your website? It’s just the right amount of fun and quirky for me! I love your sense of everything Iris.

    The craft fair looked fun….I liked the handblown Christmas baubles myself.

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