It’s hard work!

Putting the property to bed is quite a chore each November.  As you remember, this last spring we had a mess on our hands because the snow started falling weeks too early.  We had mountains of wet, nasty leaves to clear away which we usually don’t because the wind bows them all across the street into Sis’ field         😉

Last Sunday, we happened to see an infomercial  that sold an electric leaf blower/shredder/mulcher   <—not a word, I know.  I made Mike order it.  It came last Wednesday and I put it together.  They didn’t lie, it is lighter than a gallon of milk.  He came home from work, his eyes lit up, he went outside and gave that new toy a try.  After about 20 minutes he returned to tell me that it’s not all fun, it’s hard work actually!   uhuhhhh…

Here he is right now,  blowing, mulching, shredding;  has been for hours…
Don’t tell me he’s not having fun with the music blasting in his ears and the sun shining like it’s another summers day.







We are almost ready for our trip!