Now we know that summer has finally arrived.  The weather has been so beautiful and the forecast promises more of the same for the week. Temps to be in the 70’s.
We’ve had a busy week here at the Wayfarer. We had our first  regular guests come and stay for the week and weekend.

Friends came from far and wide to say goodbye to a friend.

It was a beautiful day when we gathered at one of Bill’s favorite places – along the Betsie Valley Trail

Pizza for Dinner…

…is what brought us into town this evening.  We picked up the pies, stashed them away in the car and decided to take a walk up Main Street in Frankfort, heading for the beach. We saw a whole lot of good stuff. So without further ado –

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The weather today was perfect for a long walk.  And on the way we saw a lot of friends that were doing the same thing – enjoy the beach and a walk through town.  So much so that we got stopped numerous times to chat and give opinions, hehe – Kelly Stapleton stopped in the middle of Main Street to ask me if I thought that her truck made her look fat :mrgreen:

Fun weather

Yesterday the weather was spectacular.

It wasn’t too cold, the sun was shining off and on, it snowed and the wind blew snow every which way.
Swirls of snow across the bay made me stop and take pictures.
I don’t think I did a very good job though.   Another interesting thing was seeing all the shanties already in the bay,
plopped down on what looked like they were floating on small shards of ice in the water

Looking from the Library across the bay and towards the Betsie River

This is the view from Main Street towards the Library and left across the bay to Elberta and
as you can see, they are already pushing the snow in place for the snowmobile races for
Shiver by the River
taking place in February

The next three pictures were taken from the Elberta side of the bay,  aprox. 20 seconds apart.


Cool huh?

This last picture is taken alongside Furnace Ave. in Elberta,
looking toward M-22 – across Betsie Bay

Gloomy, rainy Saturday

Grrrrrr… has been one gloomy and wet Saturday.  Yes, it was a gloomy Friday too and Thursday but not quite as bad as today. Today, like last night, it is raining hard.
I LOVE this kind of weather only not in August.  I really am looking forward to this kind of weather after a really perfect summer.  It is fun to dress warm and go outside for a good long time and then come back in for some hot toddy.
This definitely feels like October weather to me.

Norma from the R & R Motel called me to let me know that she has had 3 rooms cancelled because their fishing charters  were cancelled due to high waves on Lake Michigan.

So the economy is bad, we get people to make reservations
(the pure Michigan campaign is working) and spend
time in this area and then the


actually predicts the correct weather?

So I went out there and gave all those stranded fishermen and women in my cottages cards to play with.  I think they’re having a good time, dealing cards and telling fish stories from long ago.