3rd Annual Frankfort Beer Week

Well we are excited.
Wayfarer Lodgings will be participating in the festivities –
October 3-8, 2016, by extending a 10% discount and handing over a couple of bottles of craft beer to any guest staying for 2 consecutive nights.
Take a look at the planned activities for that week and call me or go online to make your reservation

Click:  Frankfort Beer Week, Oct. 3-8, 2016

A ride in a 1954 Jeep

Today was an exciting day for a couple of our smallest guests.  Ted Bahry, a longtime friend, came to visit in his Jeep, and two little boys got the ride of their lives.  Ted is a retired Marine who had extensive work done on this 1954 vehicle and it shows.

See for yourself

a ride in an old jeep @Wayfarer Lodgings

a ride in an old jeep
@Wayfarer Lodgings

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