Douglas David – Painter, Part II

I am so excited!  You remember Douglas David – painter from Indiana.  He is the fabulous artist who painted our Wayfarer cottages  

Since I never have time to do anything in the summer, I live vicariously through my guests.  In the evenings after everyone is back “home” and ready to have a cocktail and a chat, I sit and listen to the adventures of the day.

A few weeks ago, Douglas stayed again and, of course, he told me about his adventures.  Douglas comes for a few weeks each summer to give painting lessons for the Frankfort Art Center and to exhibit a few of his paintings at the Center.  Do check out his website: Link to Douglas’ website

Today he sent pictures. Yay.

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What a gorgeous way to work – painting where your heart desires…  The beach looks enticing to me.  Oh how I would love to learn how to paint. Alas, I cannot even draw decent stick figures.

Apples, Cottages and Raspberries

I didn’t write yesterday because I had one visitor after another.  First came Kathy who finally wanted to learn how to email attachments so that she could email those amazing hang-glider pictures to me.  She works with an Apple lap top and I must say,  I miss the right click function on that one. I don’t know if that was a problem with her computer or if that’s what it is with Apple.  If it’s Apple specific, then I would not want one.

Anyhow, then came the young lady (a classmate of my boys) who wants to clean for me.  So, I tried to interview her and show her around while Kathy was there. That was a bit hectic.
After Kathy had left, LuAnn called to see if I was up for a visit.  I was 🙂
While all this visiting was going on, Brionna – my little helper, stepped right up and cleaned 3 cottages for me.  She did a fantastic job and I hope she enjoyed being here, because SHE IS HIRED.

Then it was late enough for me to go and shop for dinner,  Mike was home before I got back from the store and that was my day.  So you see, no time to write.

I went around today and took some pictures.  Here they are:

Our annual purchase - a new hammock. All the kids and most adults love to lay or play in that thing

Our annual purchase – a new hammock. All the kids and most adults love to lay or play in that thing

The perfect tree. Mike wants to cut it down :(

The perfect tree. Mike wants to cut it down 😦

cool huh?

cool huh?

Some planting going on right thereSome planting going on right there.

strange looking hydrangea. This little beauty was thought to be dead, so I planted the hydrangea. Aparently it's alive and kicking :)

strange looking hydrangea. This little beauty was thought to be dead, so I planted the hydrangea. Apparently it’s alive and kicking 🙂
Yes, yes I see the grass.  Boys will be weeding here this afternoon 😉

Blackberries and raspberries

Blackberries and raspberries.

As I type the word “raspberries”  I have to think about a woman here in town, who among other things, advertises “Rasberrys”  on a big sign outside of her yard.  I don’t think anyone has ever told her that there’s a slight problem with that.  The same sign is out every summer.


The boys' business card

Yes that’s right.  The boys are starting up their headboard business again this summer.  Maybe this year they’ll be a bit more industrious than last year. Nothing much was produced last year.  In  2007 they were very busy with those headboards.
LuAnn had put them up to fashioning twig headboards for some of her rooms. Pretty soon, the Betsie Bay Inn ordered a headboard for one of their rooms.
I must say, they really look great.  I was actually thinking of ordering a few for a couple of the Wayfarer cottages myself. Some of the cottages are currently sporting headboards that I am not exactly fond of 😯

LuAnn painted her headboards, the Hotel in town varnished theirs.
I like the look of the varnished ones.

cute huh?Summer of 2007 – cute huh?

Dorothy’s Birthday

Frankfort woke up to bright sunshine again this morning.  The weatherman said it would be sunny all weekend. Perfect, we have a few anglers coming to stay with us this weekend for some steel head fishing today and because it is my mother in law Dorothy’s birthday today.  Anyone that has had lunch at Dinghy’s on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays knows Dorothy.  She has been a waitress there for the last few years.  I want to say 10 years, I have to ask her. There is a tradition in this family to call the birthday person as early in the day as possible without waking anyone. Not before 7 am to be sure!  I forgot until about 10 minutes ago.  She told me I was the last one to call 😦   I’ll try and do better next year.


Dorothy-this must have been some Halloween thing 😉 She won't like it that I posted this one, heehee


Dorothy aka Mom with her husband Fuzz

I did not go for a walk this morning because LuAnn could not walk and I didn’t feel like it.  There is much to do on a Friday here at the Wayfarer.  First of all, Cindy comes on Fridays to clean my house while I clean the cottages. This means that I have to pick up the house so that Cindy doesn’t have to do it and can concentrate on the real task at hand 😉

Cindy, happy to be here - I hopeCindy, happy to be here – I hope

Fishermen on the Frankfort pierFishermen on the Frankfort pier – the steelhead are in. Yumm.

One of my favorite homes in FrankfortOne of my favorite homes in Frankfort

A hectic Monday Morning

So many unexpected things are happening this moring. I called LuAnn – twice.
The first time to tell her that I couldn’t walk with her because Bear needed to go to the Vet.  He started limping really bad.  His left front paw is hurting him but I couldn’t see anthing wrong with it. I called LuAnn to tell her that and to tell her I would stop by for a quick cup of coffee only and no walking.  Then Mike called because the emergency break on the little truck went out and to pick him up from Mix’s Service in Elberta.  That’s when I called LuAnn the second time.
No walking and no coffee.

Now Bear is at the Vet’s with Mike and I am waiting to hear what is going on.  Meanwhile I need to take care of the cottages.
# 6 needs taking care of and so do # 4 and # 7
We were busy this weekend mostly with women and their pooches.
One came to get away from family and to find some time to do her bead work. Another is “addicted to the Lake” and has to have her fix once or twice a month 🙂

Hi ho, hi ho, off to work we go.  I’ll check back in with news of Bear.


Bear is back and the diagnosis is that his arthritis is getting really bad.  I was out of his usual seaweed supplement for a week and since then he’s deteriorated that much.  I feel horrible.  Mike is picking some up today and of course we have a prescription for the arthritis.