Morning Mists

Rantum Bassin, at Sylt.

Image via Wikipedia/ Sylt mudflats

The days are growing shorter and the mornings are crisp and “snappy” – exactly how I like it.  I could never imagine “going south” for the winter months like so many of our neighbors here do.  Ok, I would go to Walt Disney World for a couple of weeks but that’s it!

It’s the fall and winter here in Michigan that I look forward to.  I love the crisp air and the cold nights; even rainy days are fantastic.  Of course this is all so great in my mind because I relate it to my days on Sylt, where I grew up and met Mike so many years ago. 

Sylt is where we would walk on the beach in the cold seasons and then, all frozen, go to a Cafe’ or Bistro and have something scrumptious to eat and drink.  The time of day didn’t matter, life is a lot more laid back there than anywhere here in the US – could be after a morning walk going to have breakfast at Cafe’ Wien and top that off with a glass or two of champagne…  I could go on and on.

A few days ago, there was such a crisp morning. After dropping Marc off at school, I just had to take pictures of the fog and mists over the bay…

Back from our trip

We made it back safely from our trip and while we were gone, boys went to play football up north. Not a successful game but there is always next year.

We had a great time while the boys’ grandma Dorothy moved in with them.  They complained loudly about not wanting her to fix spaghetti too many times so I thought I had better make things easy on Dorothy and fill the freezer with “pre-fabricated” foods.   We don’t usually eat that stuff but it made things simpler and the boys much more appreciative of what I do for them every night.

Alright, where we were, the chefs didn’t cook frozen dinners, they made special things for us and we loved every single bite they served up.  We had dinner among other places at Wolfgang Puck’s Cafe’ where we sat at the sushi bar.

The Flying Fish Cafe’, we sat right here

at the show kitchen bar

Raglan Road,  Fulton’s Crab House

Here we were sitting at the bar at Fulton’s.

and many other places.

Here are some more pictures of what we saw and where we had fun.

We went on safari at the Animal Kingdome park and saw the king of the animal world sitting on top of his hill. I hope you can see him up there on the right of the tree.

the tree of life

The trunk of this tree holds a huge theater and has been carved or sculpted with over 300 images of animals.




72 year old Jean who gave us a tour of a restaurant

And there is Mike on the back porch of the Hall of Presidents


And while we had lunch in France with a very famous rodent, we actually saw the Space Shuttle take off for another adventure

We were thoroughly entertained the whole 9 days