Is anyone still with me?

The Spaceship Earth Ride At EPCOT in Walt Disn...

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Sheesh people,  I have been missing in action partly because I lost my camera (yeah I know, again) at Walt Disney World and partly because I know that you don’t want to hear from me – you want to see pictures.

Well, good news.  I got another camera  😆
Of course now is the time when the snow is melting and things around here don’t look too good.

The first guests are coming in mid- April and my calendar for the summer is filling up quickly.
I am excited about this new season – I will have full time help which will ensure that, hopefully, I won’t run around like a chicken with my head cut off any longer.  After all, this chick isn’t getting any younger.

How have you all been?  Please report, I want to know!

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