Carter’s Kids in Frankfort

The Open Space in Frankfort at the water front has new playground equipment.  Carter Ooasterhouse and his group Carter’s Kids have been here and helped to erect it.

I went to see the goings on during the second day of construction. Actually I was hoping to get a glimpse of Carter who, by the way, is from Traverse City.  No such luck though.  I was told that Carter did not show up until the last minute of the last day 😦

Carter’s Kids helped get this thing started, the citizens of Frankfort gave the money and supplied the volunteers…

What a cool idea

Kristi Mills and her helpers are working their fingers to the bone trying to feed all the little and big builders for 3 days from sun up to sun down.  She did a fabulous job coordinating all of that.

Looks like a locomotive to me

so now I do not have a picture of the finished master piece.  I will go uptown and take one or two on Tuesday.  Going to lunch at the Fusion with a friend on Tuesday 😆

How to install a sink

One day this spring when Lee, Roxie and I came back from lunch and shopping in Traverse City, we decided to stop at the Crystal Lake Emporium up there on 115 near Benzonia.  Right away she spotted the sink  – I bought it and took it home.  There it laid by the garage – until yesterday when Mike came up with the perfect way to install it in front of cottage 1

(remember to click on each picture to get the best view)

There is even soap in the soap dish

Wayfarer Lodgings soap, see?

ummm, I suppose when it rains, there will be suds?  Maybe I should replace the soap with a rock…

No, it’s not exactly a lesson on sink installations, it is the story of an antique sink that Lee found and I bought, which had to be installed just right :
Mike had Ty dig 2 holes, attached the sink to some posts, dug them 3 feet into the ground et voila…a sink is installed and it doesn’t touch the garage wall 😉


I spent most of the day today in the car. Going here and there, being the chauffeur for the boys
who wanted to go to the paintball field. After that we went to Traverse City for several reasons.
Then back to pick up the boys and drop some of them here and others there.
On the last leg of my travels I watched this one cloud.
A cloud, miles long, looking like a drum of sorts.
I have never seen one like this before.
Maybe I have never paid attention?

it gets better…

That cloud was so low, we actually could feel it pushing down on us as we drove under it.

Standing at Franke Dentistry, on 115, to get these pictures

So, what do you think?  Have you seen this sort of cloud before?


A quick post about what I saw in Traverse City yesterday.

Mike and I had an appointment in the city and then headed into a part of town where

I had never been, on the hunt for organic foods.

So, we found Oryana on Tenth Street and

this is what we spotted in the parking lot:

Don’t they look great?

What are they Huskies or Malamutes –
or is that a stupid question?

There was something going on…

… in Traverse City this past weekend.  There were ice sculptures everywhere.




Mike and I and Lee and her Roger decided to try out a restaurant on Front Street, that was completely new to us.  It’s been around for maybe a year or so, we just never made it there until Valentine’s Day.
What?   Oh the restaurant’s name is

Red Ginger

Very nice Asian inspired food.  We had a good time there but didn’t exactly like their dessert menu so we got our coats from the “hat check girl”  (it was a guy, actually)  and walked across the street to the Chocolate Bar in the front of the house at ‘Phil’s on Front’.  That place, like every other restaurant, was packed to the gills with Valentine’s celebrants. We were patient and got a good seat.

Heehee, and since Lee and I and various other friends had been there 3 times in the last two weeks, we thought it only nice if Phil would pose for a picture.  Well, he agreed but his face shows how much he didn’t like the idea :0

This picture cracks me up 🙂 🙂 🙂

(Phil and his wife)

And that about sums up our Valentine’s Day dinner and enjoyment.

It was a happy Friday

Today – more shopping  and more food in Traverse City with Lee and Roxie.

First I’ll tell you that I bought two beautiful chairs
at that resale store we visited last Monday

(the house is coming together. I still need to get covers for the outlets,
bury the internet cable and get a huge rug, but it’s coming along just fine)

And then I’ll tell you about a really good restaurant.

As you have figured out by now, I am one of those “foodies”.   Lee suggested that we try out a relatively new restaurant in T.C’s old town.
Phil’s on Front

Oh my goodness, it was good. It was very good indeed.

Here are pics – not of food but of us :mrgreen:

heehee, this one is great. Lee and Roxie and at the table behind us is Sue. We didn’t know each other.
She was there 1 week too early to have lunch with friends. She kept posing along and I caught her.
When she found out that she was early we invited her to sit with us but she decided to leave.
What a hoot. Sue, if you read this, please comment 🙂

Richard!  Maitre D. (Roxie loved him, heehee)

I also need to introduce you to Elvis’ daughter or grand-daughter, here she is

Theresa (one of the servers)

Here is Phil on the right.

On our way to the car, Lee insisted that I take a picture of the guys working on this exciting, new construction.
Construction Guy 🙂