Clean-up Day at the Wayfarer

A tarp full of leavesA tarp full of leaves

Today is the day we clean up the yard and all around the cabins. 3 boys, a husband, Bear and I. Raking is not exactly fun but it has to be done. I know now why there are so many leaves EVERYWHERE. Pudd told me that he wanted to mow one last time before we shut down in late October and I told him not to bother, that the wind would blow all the leaves into the field across the street, like it always does. What I didn’t count on was an early snow, which covered all the leaves and kept them hidden until a few weeks ago. Yikes. From now on, there will be one last mowing no matter what. I noted it in my “To-do” diary!

Marc and Mike discussing...

Marc and Mike discussing something over there

I wish there was a magic wand that I could swing wildly around the neighborhood  that would turn it all beautiful in an instant.

3 boys and a Bear 3 boys and a Bear shooting the breeze

Treasures by the old rock gardenTreasures by the old rock garden

All around where the old rock garden used to be there are these beautiful blue flowers.  The first person that can tell me what they are, gets a batch of any one of my cookies. Your choice.

Give me your answer in the comment section of the newly created  Contest page.  The first post with the correct answer wins!  There’s a better picture below.

blue flowers