Duck Hunting

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Marc and Braden went on a duck hunting adventure yesterday morning.  They got a duck ( I forgot to take a picture of it) .  It had teeth. Very funny, it reminded me of an angry Daffy Duck, actually.

Around 11 o’clock my phone rang. Marc called to hitch a ride home.  “Where”  did I ask “is Braden with the boat?”   “Oh,” Marc answered, “he is rowing around Betsie Bay in search of a way to get into Elberta”.

I must admit that this did not make any kind of sense to  me.  I left the house and drove to the railroad bridge to give Marc a ride to the house. He wanted to pick up the big, red truck to then be able to tow the boat to where it belonged – Braden’s Uncle’s yard.

Suddenly things were crystal clear: They had rowed the Betsie River  to under the railroad bridge when they ran out of water. Marc in the front of the boat weighed the boat down right into the mud.  So Braden “kicked” Marc out and took the boat all the way down to East Shore Marina and then across towards the Cabbage Shed and into Elberta.

Marc and I stood at the bridge watching young Braden row his duck boat into Betsie Lake and over towards the west side of the lake and up to where we were waiting.  It took quite a while but he made it and he still had a smile on his face.

click on the small pictures to see really large pictures of the adventure 😉

Sunset and Stairs

Another progress report from the stairway to the beach.

It seems now, that the stairs are only maybe 3/4 done.  Meaning, they are longer than anyone had imagined.  So, we keep watching our men go off to work on them EVERY afternoon (since the first of June).
I feel so bad and yet in my mind I am pushing for more work and faster work.  I think the guys are also very tired of building this thing.  After all, all of them are in their mid to late 50’s and the only young one in the bunch is our Tyler at 18.

Again today, I drove  up to the end of Grace Road to see how far the stairs are. The railings are up!  But so many more steps are needed to get to the bottom of the beach.

I’ll post the pictures in the order that I took them.

Down there is Bill Soper (a local stone mason) with his dog. They went for a swim and then a walk – at 8:45 this evening!

A freighter heading north past the Frankfort Lighthouse

a second freighter heading north

Ummmm, I forgot to take pictures of the stairs but there wasn’t anything new to show you. The railings are up on the first part of the stairs.


The music was so loud last night around 1 am, that I got out of bed, where I had just gotten comfortable,  got dressed again, went downstairs to walk outside and find out which cottage had the radio blasting.

As soon as I stepped outside, I could hear it coming from far away. It came from the Elberta Festival.
I laughed out loud and hope that I didn’t wake anyone, heehee

That’s all I came  to tell you

What's left of the "Round house" in the Waterfront ParkWhat’s left of the “Round house” in the Waterfront Park

Clean-up Day at the Wayfarer

A tarp full of leavesA tarp full of leaves

Today is the day we clean up the yard and all around the cabins. 3 boys, a husband, Bear and I. Raking is not exactly fun but it has to be done. I know now why there are so many leaves EVERYWHERE. Pudd told me that he wanted to mow one last time before we shut down in late October and I told him not to bother, that the wind would blow all the leaves into the field across the street, like it always does. What I didn’t count on was an early snow, which covered all the leaves and kept them hidden until a few weeks ago. Yikes. From now on, there will be one last mowing no matter what. I noted it in my “To-do” diary!

Marc and Mike discussing...

Marc and Mike discussing something over there

I wish there was a magic wand that I could swing wildly around the neighborhood  that would turn it all beautiful in an instant.

3 boys and a Bear 3 boys and a Bear shooting the breeze

Treasures by the old rock gardenTreasures by the old rock garden

All around where the old rock garden used to be there are these beautiful blue flowers.  The first person that can tell me what they are, gets a batch of any one of my cookies. Your choice.

Give me your answer in the comment section of the newly created  Contest page.  The first post with the correct answer wins!  There’s a better picture below.

blue flowers