Remember the Toilet Paper Incident?

Rusty wrote last year :

Well, now Rusty has posted to his own blog a story about Frankfort in general and then another on the Wayfarer in particular.   I am so flattered that someone, like Rusty and his wife Beth – whom I respect and lourve as much as I do, would take the time to write these nice things about us.

So, if you don’t mind, I will re-post this very nice article here.  Please feel free to roll your eyes at this self indulgence.

Innkeeper’s Wife

Actually, the innkeeper is the wife.
My brain is still up north in the Frankfort area. It’s such a beautiful, clean, fresh area that leaving is difficult. Arriving is easy. For the past ten plus years, we have arrived at a group of small cottages called Wayfarer Lodgings. Built sometime around the 1940s, the cabins are like a second home. Not because they are quaint and relaxed, but because the innkeeper and staff are always welcoming.
Iris and Mike Jones have owned the Wayfarer since we discovered it. Over the years, we have come to know them and look forward to seeing them every summer. We now have jokes and stories to tell about each other. Our children have come to enjoy the Wayfarer as much as we do.
Six months of the year, the innkeeper’s life is full tilt. Without her continuing warm welcome, the whole atmosphere of the little settlement would change. Her returning customers do not just mean full beds, but old friends who have bought into the Wayfarer charisma. The prices are reasonable, but one returns for other reasons. The ten cabins are a micro-town. Iris is like the mayor, greeting everyone and resolving problems.
To guests, the town seems to operate smoothly. When you think about all the pieces that must fit together to provide a great stay, you realize it doesn’t just happen. The innkeeper and her staff are there keeping everything working so we can have a relaxing visit.
Just like any other business, a smooth operation means a combination of brains and hard work. Thanks Madam Innkeeper.
Thank you for reading this note.

The Trouble with Bathroom Accoutrements

Of course you can imagine that we have guests who show up every year like clock work and quite often several times a year.  We love these guests because they feel like family coming to see us.
The following guest blogger Rusty and his wife – Beth – are just such guests.

“When we arrived at Wayfarer Lodgings, we found that our toilet paper holder was taken apart. The rod was sitting on the sink ledge. There was a conspicuous absence of the bathroom product. All we could figure was that Iris was experimenting with a new way to encourage guests to pay upon arrival. No pay-no paper. Since we always pay soon after arrival, this was not a problem for us. Neither of us were dealing with urgent biological issues. We strolled over to the office, paid our due, and requested a couple of rolls of toilet paper. Iris wasn’t sure whether she should be horrified that she had left the situation for us to find, or pleased that she had discovered a way to encourage guests to pay upon arrival.As an aid to our friend Iris, we left two rolls of toilet paper purchased at the local supermarket on the kitchen table. Maybe she had mercy on the guests who followed us.


This is not the only thing I forget but it is one of the more important things I forget.  Sometimes it’s the coffee that gets forgotten, sometimes it’s the towels or the soaps but I forget to place enough toilet paper in the cottages most of the time.

I forget so often that Mike once told a guest “If she forgets again, she’ll be fired”.   That guest looked shocked 😯  He thought that he had gotten me into trouble with the boss.  Need I tell you that I am Large Marge in Charge?


And for your amusement another TP story: