A Mission

Today I was on a mission –  to get in the car, drive along the shortest highway in Michigan, Highway 168, and go to the Trick Dog for some R&R before the summer is in full swing.  I had not had a chance to go up there all year.

It looked as good as ever; I took Mike along for a Father’s Day lemonade 🙂
Below at the Elberta Waterfront Park, cleanup was going on from the Solstice Festival yesterday and out on the water there were a couple of really beautiful sail boats…

The swim instructor is still here doing his job

There is a new employee: the Trick Dog Greeter!   She’s giving out Wayfarer brochures, among others. Yay

And then it was back to the grindstone

The Painter

So one day, a few weeks ago, LuAnn and I were on our way to the Trick Dog for coffee, when we came across this painter.  He painted the Tackle Box.  We asked him where his gallery is  – “in Glen Arbor” he said  and how much he gets for one of his paintings – “several thousands of dollars” was the answer.  LuAnn apparently didn’t hear that, so she invited him to come and paint her place, heehee.  After we were on our merry way again I asked her where on earth she would scrape up that kind of money, we both had to laugh.
Who the heck do we think we are?  Mrs. Fooffooffnick?

The painter

The painter


I lost his card, I cannot remember his name.

His gallery is in Glen Arbor next to Ruth Conklin’s store!
Go see him and his paintings.