The Good Stuff

I didn’t know it when I drove by,
that there was a sale going on at

“The Good Stuff”

“Experienced Quality Household Furnishings”

the other day on my way to drop Ty off at his girlfriend’s house.  On my way back, I stopped in!!

Of course you know that I found something there for the cottages.  I find something I need every time I go there.  Even when I purposely don’t take the check book,  I find things and then call Mike to come over and bring it :).
Mike wasn’t available, luckily or maybe it should be seen as sadly,  I had some cash on me…

This time “everything is 50% off”, the shopkeeper told me as I entered.

I found stuff for the walls of one cottage.  For a while now I have been looking for “paint by numbers” art on ebay and elsewhere but have come up with and won only one bid for a  painting of flowers so far.  At The Good Stuff I found several reproductions of paintings of flowers.


I was thinking this little dining set might look nice in cottage 4.  – Helloooooo, it’s half off.  I will take another look at it in a couple of days.

It was a happy Friday

Today – more shopping  and more food in Traverse City with Lee and Roxie.

First I’ll tell you that I bought two beautiful chairs
at that resale store we visited last Monday

(the house is coming together. I still need to get covers for the outlets,
bury the internet cable and get a huge rug, but it’s coming along just fine)

And then I’ll tell you about a really good restaurant.

As you have figured out by now, I am one of those “foodies”.   Lee suggested that we try out a relatively new restaurant in T.C’s old town.
Phil’s on Front

Oh my goodness, it was good. It was very good indeed.

Here are pics – not of food but of us :mrgreen:

heehee, this one is great. Lee and Roxie and at the table behind us is Sue. We didn’t know each other.
She was there 1 week too early to have lunch with friends. She kept posing along and I caught her.
When she found out that she was early we invited her to sit with us but she decided to leave.
What a hoot. Sue, if you read this, please comment 🙂

Richard!  Maitre D. (Roxie loved him, heehee)

I also need to introduce you to Elvis’ daughter or grand-daughter, here she is

Theresa (one of the servers)

Here is Phil on the right.

On our way to the car, Lee insisted that I take a picture of the guys working on this exciting, new construction.
Construction Guy 🙂