Contraption Alert !

Cleaning cottage 1, my eyes wandered to a spot they hadn’t wandered to for a while now, or so it seems.
Under the shelf that holds the tray with the coffee pot and cups I spied this little contraption from the last century!
This thing

A phone jack.

Here’s the story:

David (last name withheld) was the chauffeur and butler for a California couple that came to their cottage on Crystal Lake every summer – for the summer.  David stayed here in cottage 1.
Of course we know that there were no cell phones back then. Poor David needed to connect with his friends and family and so he had a phone line put in.
David came to stay with us for 3 summers and then the couple passed away.

So David moved on to a new butler job with Mrs. Kroc – the widow of the McDonald’ s founder.   And some years later, he called to tell us that he had moved on to be Danielle Steel’s butler.  Since then he has fallen off the face of the earth or something like that.  We have not heard from him again 😦

Gosh, the people that have come through the Wayfarer…