A new season and I have been busy

Sheesh, I know that I have neglected your need to read and look at pictures of this beautiful place.  Forgive me, I have been too busy to get here but I have some great pictures.

So, let me start with what I have been doing last weekend.  I promised Marc to take him to Petoskey to see his girlfriend.  On Saturday morning we started at 8 am.  I was driving through Traverse City and took the wrong turn.  We ended up on highway 37 instead of  31 and drove 18 miles through the most beautiful country side: Old Mission Peninsula.  I made Marc take some pictures as I drove because we didn’t have any “time to waste” to get to Petoskey. Most of them didn’t turn out, but these are pretty good

Our trees are not that far along yet.  Why is that?  I was further north…

Finally we made it to Petoskey and there we were surprised as to how busy it was already up there.
The stores were practically stuffed with customers, so were the restaurants and streets.

hehe, now that I look at those pictures, it sure doesn’t look like it was busy.  These were taken around 11 am – too early for people 🙂

hmm, I walked through alleys, I like looking at these old houses from the backside and there I discovered this unshakable little tree that wouldn’t stop producing leaves and flowers

Isn’t that amazing?

Shelley, I am sorry 😦