Guess what

I drove by Marvin’s Garden (spot) yesterday and just had to stop for a look-see.
What a cute little nursery this is and I have never stopped in before?
It’s located on 31 between Interlochen and Frankfort.

Marvin's Garden Spot

A wagon full of petunias 🙂

Marvin's Garden Spot

Marvin’s Garden Spot

2013-05-21 13.54.13

Yes, you are seeing an outhouse.  It’s just for fun. There are several of these babies

2013-05-21 13.54.29

Veggies.  Mike  says that he has too much work to do in the cottages for a garden this year 😦

2013-05-21 13.57.50

The second outhouse

2013-05-21 13.58.13

Marvin’s Garden Spot

2013-05-21 14.00.24 HDR

And Julie Williams of Sleeping Bear Realty in Frankfort standing in front of this amazing tree.

I came away with a flat of Zinnias. I love those little happy flowers, and a flat of impatience for the little pots in front…

Rediscovered Treasure

Forever on the hunt for a new nursery since we don’t have Putney’s in Arcadia anymore where we were spoiled with great customer service; yesterday Dorothy, my mother in law, and I went to Greystone Nursery just south of Empire.  I hadn’t been there in years. Actually I thought it had closed a long time ago.  They only moved across M-22 to a really great location.  We brought home some beautiful plants.


I just loved that gardener.  She walked around without shoes (ouch my feet)

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Road Trip!

This morning we decided that a road trip to some nurseries was something we needed to do as well as get some really wonderful farm fresh eggs …

We use to always go to Putney’s nursery, remember that?  but Jane Putney suddenly died last November and the nursery is no longer open.

Pleasanton Valley Nursery


Three day old piglets with their momma

Big momma pig, waiting for her piglets to be born shortly

this one is expecting piglets too

Mr. Powers, his son and Mike

Patti packing my eggs

We had a good morning.  Mike bought a tremendous amount of tomatoes, 48 plants, he got onions, yellow and red and of course potatoes.

I got more stuff for flower boxes and flower beds and of course we secured Sunday breakfast with the incredible eggs from Mr. Powers and Patti