Christmas with Dorothy

My mother in law, Dorothy, has a quirky sense of humor.
A few years ago she decided that she didn’t want to deal with wrapping Christmas presents, instead she bought gift cards for everyone from a list that comes together at Thanksgiving. That is when a legal pad makes the rounds and everyone in the family writes down where they’d like to spend their Christmas money.

This year she didn’t want to go around Traverse City and purchase gift cards. Like wrapping presents, this was not fun for her anymore.  She decided to give something else.  Since she can’t keep a fun secret, she told me what the plan was way before Christmas (but not before I promised not to tell anyone!!)  and I am thinking that all of Mike’s sisters knew ahead of time too.

Here’s what she thought of:



A washcloth

Wrapped around a little cup filled with

peppermint scented SOAP

The soap was made for mom by Jane Putney.  Her soaps are so very nice!

Inside the soap was the prize.  We were told to wash our hands often to keep the swine flu away and to reach the goal

There it was – the Christmas money 🙂

Wash our hands – indeed!  As soon as we got home, went to work with the sharpest knives handy and released the green goodness from its prison.

I told this story because of the comment Dorothy made regarding having to pay to get pulled out of the ditch on New Year’s Eve

Is anyone interested in hearing where she stores her Christmas tree?